• The council clears the road, and its never deep enough to need to dig ourselves out of the house so I don't need anyone to do any clearing.
  • Socialized public snow removal. Just like they have in Cuba!
  • My shovel and my back.
  • We don't have snow where I live now, but when I lived in England we did. I remember driving home at the end of a night shift once and finding that about 3 feet of snow had drifted across about the first ten feet of the end of my road. I shovelled it all out of the way so that I could get my car home and into the garage. Some time later my wife took the car out after another inch or so of snow had fallen. One of our neighbours was clearing this fresh snow and when she commented on what a good job he was doing he said, "Well, somebody's got to do it." - as though he had done it all.
  • My neighborhood guy who owns a plow.
  • No one. I do I guess. All the taxes we pay around here and we don't even have street signs in our town. The neighboring city where I have to shop does but in the town where I actually live we do not. My grandmother had a stroke last April. Those paramedics get lost EVERY GODDAMN TIME!!!!! Pretty soon it will get to a point where we will be putting in street signs with the money we win from suing the city cos they apparently don't have the good sense to do it on their own. We already put up signs of our own but they are all paper and marker and don't last long. And it is not our job anyway. We pay the tax, we should get the signs.
  • The state department clears the road. +5
  • I got people to do that kind of thing.
  • Random people who walk on the same way - here the only snow cleaning happens around schools. I live close to one school but.. not close enough..
  • ... the apartment building's caretaker clears the doorways and the city's municipal workers use small tractors to plow the city's sidewalks and bigger ones to plow & clear the streets ...
  • The city normally clears the roads(city roads). The sidewalks in front of our homes and such we clear ourselves. Haven't had a big snow though in ages.
  • The road is done by the township crews and they do an excellent job, especially if you live on a school bus route. Our driveway is very long but we've got a great little car with terrific tires and it takes a lot of snow to stop us. However we do have a relative who has a big snowplow on his truck and after bad storms, he'll come and plow it for us and a few other neighbors up here. I do love the way it looks, un-plowed. I feel cozier :L-)
  • We have only had snow here in california once in the last 3o years. But it would probably be me shoveling andd my wife supervising...LOL
  • Hubby. I always feel bad and wish I could help him but it's hard on my back. But I tolerate the cold better. Oh well sometimes it sucks to be a woman too. lol!
  • We do it ourselves. Plows on the Unimog and Power Wagon, snow blower for tighter spots. +5 Icy
  • Well, we had a neighbor, last Winter, who was interested in my daughter. He shoveled our sidewalk and driveway twice. After he learned my daughter was not interested, my son came to plow my driveway.
  • Where I live, it never snows at all. If by any change it will, then mother nature will (snow melting).
  • Grrrrrr..... This is a sore subject for me! REALLY sore, since my back was killing me afterwards... When my family and I were living in Kittery, Maine while my last ship was in Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, we had a pretty nice snowfall one night. About 10 or 12 inches. My wife loved it...and snow IS a pretty thing. But after she got out and took her obligatory pictures, I shoveled snow off our sidewalk and driveway all the way down to the street. There was a MOUNTAIN of snow next to the driveway that was over 7 feet tall from my efforts...and I was having to toss more snow OVER it before I was completely done. And then I left for work. Several hours later, when I got back home, I discovered my darling, loving wife had shoveled a sh*tload of snow BACK into the driveway..."because she liked it". Now, I don't know about you, but shoveling a foot of snow completely off the driveway by hand (no snowblower) is backbreaking work. And the LAST f*cking thing I expected when I got hom was to find snow not only piled BACK into the driveway by my wife, but packed down by her Expedition from repeated trips that day and turned to ICE as a result. I was p*ssed, to put it mildly. I told her if she ever did that to me again, I wasn't going to shovel the snow again: I was going to buy several hundred pounds of rock salt the next time it snowed and layer it on the driveway and let it do all the work for me. My wife objects strenuously to the use of salt and other things like fertilizers, weed, and ant killers because they are "bad for the environment". I trust I made my point, because I didn't go through this again. Grrrrrr....
  • If the timing is right my neighbor uses his snowplow otherwise I do it...+5
  • I do. +4
  • That would be myself.
  • I do. My Husband's line is it will melt. Actually it ices up. In a bad storm he will help.
  • I do it. No big deal. +5
  • This guy but I had to let him go after he developed hemorrhoids!
  • Not much snow here in Seattle. Where do you live, Icy?

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