• I get them all the time when I am dehydrated. My chiropractor told me that drinking lots of water is the best way to relieve muscle cramps.
  • I sure would want to rule out appendicitis! He could die! If it were my son I would want to know the cause and treat it accordingly. It could be stress or food posioning or a bacterial infection. but given that the cramps are very painful I would take him to a medical doctor asp!
  • what u do is buy some mint and shred it into little pieces in a mixer or something and jut it in some water. its a home remidy which is guarnteed to work.
  • Is the pain mostly confied to one side or the other? Painful stomach cramps can be symptomatic of serious problems, such as kidney stones, gallstomes ( yes, young people can have them as well as older people ), or appendicitis. If they last for more than a couple of hours, I strongly recommend you take him to a physician or even to the local ER.
  • My daughter had painful stomach cramps one day, took her to the doc and within 24 hours she was in surgery fighting for her life. 3 feet of her intestine flipped over on itself and died. My point is, if they are very painful, take him to the doc or the ER, something is obviously wrong. You can guess, people can guess, but until a doctor looks at him you will not know. It could be simple, it could be serious.
  • It depends on what the cramps are about!! Gas? Give him simethicone (like Mylanta). Acid indigestion? Give him a calcium product (like Tums). Constipation/bowel obstruction? Increase fiber with fruits, vegetables, oat/wheat bran, or psyllium seed products (like Metamucil); and drink water. - By the way, peppermint tea is helpful in all digestive complaints. Muscle cramps? Drink water slowly and rest. Could it be a diseased organ causing the cramps, like the appendix or kidney? If so, immediate medical attention is required. I'm sure there are other possibilities.
  • ... do not worry about pain, it is just a symptom ... find the cause of the pain and "fix" the cause ... the pain will then go away by itself ... an actual doctor's examination would be a good idea ... ... find out what he ate ... could it have been rotten, infected, poisoned, or have some other harmful substance such as broken powdered glass ... ??? ... or could he have become ill with one of the many influenza viruses which tend to disrupt the entire digestive system from the tongue to the bowels, with abdominal cramps being among the symptoms ... ??? ... or could it be some other medical problem, like the appendix, or kidneys, etc. ???

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