• They can go rancid and lose their potency, too, due to degradation from light, humidty and air.
  • Good question. I have about 20 books and none give an answer that is exact. I have read that the citrus oils such as lemon, lime, orange, etc do not last more than a year so use them for cleaning when it gets close. Some of the other oils get better with age. I refrigerate the ones that I do not use as much and switch them to a smaller bottle. Oxygen will make them go rancid quicker. If you find an answer let me know for I have over 100 bottles of essentual oils.
  • They do have an expiration date.
  • They are affected by oxygen, light and heat. Here's the breakdown:
  • They don't absolutely expire and don't go rancid but they lose a lot of their potency after about 2 years (that is assuming that they were fresh when bought and were stored in the correct conditions). Don't throw away older essential oils because they can be used as air fresheners etc. even if their medicinal property might not be as potent as it was when fresh. To use them as air fresheners always dilute them and always remember that some of them stain clothing - especially the thicker ones e.g. Frankincense, Myrrh and Benzoin.
  • Refrigerating essential oils is not a good idea. They are meant to be kept in a cool, dark place but not as cold as a fridge.

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