• I am more a computer klutz. When I was working I only learned what I needed to learn. In my defense and this is not even a worthwhile defense, our generation, older baby boomers, are not computer whiz.
  • Yes, I do. I hope you'll still be my friend!
  • I have helped many people with their problems, but a whiz...NO!
  • Nope. I have all of the challenges of the average user.
  • "No" I've been called that, but it's not true.
  • ... not quite, I am a highly skilled computer programmer and systems analyst who is fluent in low level Assembler and C++, with a Ph.D. in math, and am a whiz at software & configurations problems ... but I am not an electronic engineer ... I tend to have some difficulty with the diagnostics of the various hardware parts ... I can unplug / plug them in, but unless a part has an obvious burn mark, I'm not sure if the part is still good or not ... I can replace a faulty part with a new part, but I can not repair the faulty part ... so I'm not the guy you should see if you have hardware problems ...
  • I didn't.. then I spoke to some people, and now I do.
  • Well, yes. That's not the word I'd use though. And besides, this is all relative. No matter how good you think you are there are always another thousand people or more who are better. So, I'd say I definitely know more than anyone I've met in person.
  • Far from it,but my grandchildren!
  • I'm very competent, but not a whiz.

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