• A very common defensive tactic is to accuse others of the very defects that they find inside you. This tactic is widespread in kindergarten. The more absurd and ridiculous a particular religion is found through rational analysis, the more it will defend itself by telling that science is absurd and ridiculous.
  • Because public comittment to ancient myths and legends hardens people's positions. Some people would almost rather die than admit that some religious texts are to be considered more as metaphor than fact.
  • It's sort of like untalented magicians. If they try to pick out your card from a deck, and they pick the wrong one - they don't admit that they made a mistake, they say "Wait a minute, something's wrong...actually, it must have been THIS card!" --- On and on until they finally get it.
  • Yeah. It's called "hubris". ;-)
  • They fear that science may uncover truths and proofs that contradict their philosophies or beliefs. This might result in the loss of followers in the least, and dissolution of their religion at the worst. Therefore their best defence against science is to hold it in contempt and hope that their followers will not be tempted to seek the truth.
  • I believe most people would get offended if logic can easily defile their beliefs and traditions...especialy if it's just logic that doesn't have proof and just relies on the rational "preponderance of evidence"...errrrrr more likely soooo then not.
  • yes, because it calls into question their personal beliefs and in some cases disproves them completely, making a fool of them and there thousand-year old ways and antiquated belief. Oh god people are questioning my faith with rational thought! I better shut myself in plug my ears and hum till god zaps them all to hell!!!
  • Anybody else here notice the trend of mockery by (i'm guessing)rationality-based folk towards religion on this question? Just an observation :P All valid points you have made, but all with a touch of arrogance/fear/hatred/nonchalance/cockiness, no? Don't be so hasty lads. An atheist I am myself, but I am certain that there are religious minded folk out there in the world who are far more intelligent than you or I will ever be.
    • Jewels Vern
      At last! A nod to reality!
  • Science is the future, religion is the past. Galilleo saw more on one day than we have ever ever seen!
    • Jewels Vern
      That doesn't really make sense. I think you need to reword that.

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