• My growth,school to college and so on. +5
  • My world has collapsed physically, financially and in love. I am starting over. +5
  • Over the last 10 years, I've been married, seen my son marry, became a grandmother, been divorced, lost my job, lost my house, seen my grandmother marry, gone through bankruptcy, seen my daughter graduate...and, I'm sure I'm missing several things, but life just keeps on's good.
  • Graduated High School & College, Longterm Relationship (still going!), Drivers permit, First job, First Career position. :P
  • I went through a divorce, changes in the department,adopted two little girl rats, saw a promotion, deterioration in health, mind, and heart, and personality. Audit from the IRS, Bought and sold 3 new vehicles, moved a handful of times, gave up friends that turned into enemies. Lost a fingertip in a coooking accident, lost house, a spouse and a dog, lost 160 lbs then gained back 85 of it.Last but not least I think I turned into a suicidal drunk.
  • My first wife passed away. I lived overseas for a year. I have remarried. I've had two children. I got an MBA. I changed jobs twice.
  • Got my third university degree. Got married. Produced two lovely daughters. Changed jobs. Gotten 10 years older, and that means stiffer joints when I wake up, poorer vision, a bit of greying in my hair, and some weight gain. I'm working on the last issue, but I don't think I can turn the clock back on the first 3! Lol.
  • more than I ever wanted to deal with
  • I've begun to grow old!
  • I am now officially old. Road maps and phone booths no longer exist. My best friend is a cat who doesn't understand the term "wait". I bought some musical instruments, but it took 4 years, and in that time my health changed, so I have not the energy to play them. The stupid people just had their revenge against the nerds. Pluto IS STILL A PLANET, DAMN IT. (And I do not belive the photo they "took" that shows it has the outline of Pluto the Disney character on it. How stupid are we supposed to be? Oh yea, FOX, Trump, popular TV...okay I withdraw that last question.
  • I got old, I lost my grandson, my son moved away, another sister died (actually a lot of friends were lost), lost my health, my job, my transportation, my home I had already paid for and everything I'd worked for all my life and earned all by myself as a single parent, and my dog! And people wonder why old people are so grumpy...

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