• I retired from acting in 1999, but now, I am making a new movies. I also appeared on a TV series in 2015.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh yeah? What's the name of it? Who are you working with? How much will you get paid? Where will the filming take place, in Mircat's garage?
  • I'm taking a long break after the 2 months it took me to make a ring for my sister's birthday. Finished it 3 days before and went ahead and gave it to her.
    • Linda Joy
      My birthday is April 9. I like rose gold and I'm looking for a small diamond with two rubies, one on each side. Or a nice fake. ; -) I can make one out of an elastic string and three glass beads, but I was hoping for something a little nicer. haha. I'll crochet something for your birthday in exchange.
    • Wakko
      I make birch wood rings with real gemstones and transtint dyes. I won't waste the enormous amount of time it takes to hand-make one using inferior materials. The one I made for my sister I'd have to charge $650 for one like it due to the amount of amethysts I inlaid. There yellow & amber dyes that could be mixed with red and possibly orange to achieve a cat's-eye effect rose gold color. That's very costly, not to mention the rubies and diamond. I don't think you could crochet that much. :P
    • Wakko
      Here is the video that got me interested in making rings. The possibilities are endless, so many different woods and types of inlays. This guy's rings are cheaper, but they're not "handmade" in my opinion. I don't use a lathe for turning or a carbide cutter, but I do achieve stunning results just the same. I think mine look better because of the dyes.
    • Linda Joy
      You do know I was kidding! But, believe it or not, I actually have crocheted a blanket that would sell for over 650. I gave it away to a family that lost their house in a fire and had no insurance. I think its really sweet you did that for your sister.
    • Wakko
      I know you were, but I ran with it anyway. Thank you for your contribution to helping that family rebuild their lives.
  • dont have one right now
  • To live these present moments as fully alive and awake as possible.
  • Working on a ring for mom using crushed aquamarine. I'll show a pic down the road using my OneDrive account.

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