• It happens why to much on this site. Questions about Mormons are not the only ones rated down. It's something we have to learn to live with. If we don't let it bother us then we do not give into the childish behavior of those who like to TRY and iratate us. I know I am better than the trolls, so I just smile and move on when ever I get down rated for my Christian beliefs. In His grasp, <:))))<>< I know My salvation and my honor depend on God; He is my mighty rock, my refuge.--Psalm 62:7
  • Because there are obviously people on this site that are partial and get pissed off if anyone attempts to question their faith, because telling the asker a truthful answer would clearly be way too difficult. >-O
  • When you post answers to LDS questions... if it is considered ANTI LDS they will give you negative points or flag your question.
  • one of two reasons: 1. Trolls who mark down any religious question 2. some people do not like having their beliefs/religion questioned.
  • Isnt it obvious? They dont like your answer...
  • Because the bozos dont want to be bothered answering questions that might make them look bad... or bother to question beleifs that may or may not be true...
  • Why do you guys assume it's the Mormons rating you down? The land is treacherous and there be trolls!
  • I'm not a Mormon but here's my observation. The questions are not usually questions per se but rather carefully worded barbs that are designed to start an argument... in most cases. The insulting comments that follow usually bear this out to be true. Sadly, the Mornmons have lots of company in being treated like this. I've seen the same types of "questions" posted about other religions. If a person leaves a religion, why do they feel it's necessary to turn around and harass the other members? You'd think they'd be so happy to be "free" that they'd get on with living and never look back. As for the downrating, how can you be sure WHO is downrating you? It's natural to assume the ones being attacked are but things are not always as they seem. That's my 2 cents...
  • I just did a quick scan of the questions in the Mormon section here and your question is based on a false premises. The vast majority of the questions on our faith are asked by non-LDS people. (We LDS don't generally have a reason to ask question here about our own faith.) Only a relatively small portion of these questions have been down rated. Many of the questions that were down rated seem to have been done so for no good reason. Some of them were down rated because they were either stupid or were argumentative from the beginning. However, once again, these are not the majority of the question.
  • I agree with daisymae, in this case, Mormons do not like their beliefs questioned. They do not usually question anything about their religion themselves since they are taught that their scriptures and their prophets are unquestionable. When an answer causes any small doubt in their minds, it seems, they go on the defensive and get offended. This also results in answers being marked down. Still in all, I find it thought provoking how Mormons can use common sense in everyday living yet not see how they are following a bizarre, false religion. They honestly need to investigate Mormon lore and its discrepancies for themselves. (Some of the questionable beliefs include Masonic influenced temple rituals, seer stones placed in a hat to translate the Book of Mormon and magic underwear with Masonic symbols on them.) Today, there have been over 3,000 changes to the Book of Mormon, including changing of entire verses. What about such phrases as "White and delightsome" being changed to "Pure and Delightsome" so that African-Americans can be allowed priesthood? Any non-defensive, informative responses?
  • thats true. and if you arent careful your trolls will leave comments that will just incite you to riot. then you become the attacker and get sent to the penalty box.
  • Because their the only ones who are right, and your not allowed to disagree.
  • Because a lot of the questions are based off of false beliefs and people probably get offended by that.

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