• I lost 2. I have done every type of grief therapy there is. It ALL helped, but I still hurt. God and I are going to have a talk about this too. Of course, the treasures they were, are precious gifts to have known for that short of a time.
  • Its not easy to lose someone u truly loved. Ive recently lost an important person in my life and its really hard. Sometimes talking about it with a friend or a family member might help u with some relief , but its not easy. Sooner or Later u will understand its all part of the cycle of life , but u will always feel the pain of the loss. Maybe u should get a small dog to keep u company, and try not to isolate yourself. Be amongst other people as much as u can. U need not to be alone , good luck.
  • wow, what a tough question - i suppose remember the good and if you believe in the afterlife - look forward to the reunion - i suppose its a balance between grief and belief.
  • Grief, sorrow, memories (hopefully good and not too many bad), with the help of other siblings and family, prayer, and with the realization that the same will some day happen to us all. Faith in the Almighty is a key help when dealing with the grief. And a belief in an afterlife that will be a better place than where we are right now. If you do not believe in God or an afterlife, it would be just like getting up in the morning when you are tired. A new day with new problems and lacking a loved one. Life goes on... Very tough question to answer.
  • Ohh, I haven't had to cross that road yet, thank God.   ...I'm sure it won't be an easy task & I sure don't look forward to that. My parents are still both alive --- guess I somewhat 'brace' myself for the inevitability of their deaths before that of my siblings, though one never knows what life & death holds for us all, timing wise, do we?   (+4)
  • There were six siblings in my family. Four are deceased. One I have not seen or heard from in eight years - a long and unhappy story there. So, I consider myself the sole survivor of that generation of immediate family.
  • Probably by strangulation - I'm not too keen on them!
  • Via therapy. Via tears. Via the grief process. Via a grief support group. Via a prescribed antidepressant. Via activity. Via time and patience. By understanding that it hurts but over time you will heal. By understanding that when it is your turn to cross over and you meet again that you want your sibling to be proud of you and not say what the hell were you thinking to waste your life. So you do what would make your sibling proud.

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