• What for? If you don't like the taste why would you want to?
  • if you dont like it why drink it at all? if you're looking to get fucked up just do im kidding! really, stay in school and say no to drugs....:)
  • Drink virgin drinks they taste awesome, you can fit in, and be the designated driver. I have the same problem... everytime I say I dont drink people think I am a sober alcoholic.
  • i'm similar but can drink some fruity vodka drinks but can take or leave them. i don't personally need alcohol to have a good time when i'm out and prob have a worse time if drinking alcohol as it makes me feel sleepy. Sucking a mint whilst drinking may help but I don't really have any suggestions. I just think that if you don't like it then just stick to what you do like. Alcohol can cost heaps whilst out, why spend it on something you don't like.
  • hold your breath and chug;)
  • WHY worry about how to drink ALCOHOL ? Thank your lucky stars that you don't like the junk !!! Instead; drink a soda like 7-up, Ginger ale , or a cola ... I used to always go in and tell the waitress / bartender etc bring me Ginger Ale with a garnish (NO matter what I ordered) .. to make it APPEAR that I was drinking ... then; I'd give him or her a nice tip when we all left ... +5
  • um... try something that doesn't contain alchohol. you do realize there is no rule stating you have to drink alchohol and in general you are better off not drinking. seriously, this is like complaining that you can't stand the taste of pure lard and asking for ideas on how to enjoy it. you do not need it in your life and it can cause a lot of harm to you
  • I think it's now time to leave alcohol and try another type of drinks.
  • try a non alcoholic beer. it has half of one percent alcohol. it might be enough to give you a beer buzz without the alcoholic surge.
  • Like a few others have said, if you dont like it dont drink it! If you still insist on drinking to fit it then try vodka and a mixer of something you do like, orange juice for example.
  • There is no advantage to learning to drink alcohol. Just take the "virgin" version to "fit in".
  • Why is this a goal?
  • Who cares? If you don't like the taste, why drink it? That's a little like going to a restaurant and deliberately ordering food you don't like and then making yourself eat it. Don't waste your time drinking stuff you don't like.
  • Maybe your body is trying to tell you something, like it doesn't want alcohol. Drinking isn't necessarily a cool thing.Alcohol can make you do foolish things that you regret later. +3
  • So you do things you don't like to be accepted? I think not! Why eat drink something you do not like!
  • when i used to i just put sugar syrup in it and it made it taste sweeter. or mix it with kol aid
  • I think you should listen to your body. not drink alcohol+
  • Baileys Irish Cream Malibu
  • I like vanilla vodka and Root beer. Or vanilla vodka and Sunny D (Not OJ, it HAS to be Sunny D) I know what you mean, I have to make my own drinks, and if I can taste the alcohol, it makes me wanna puke. have you tried wine? I am able to drink some wines instead of mixed drinks. I also like the mini tarantula 4 packs.
  • Why would you want to develop a taste for alcohol? Alcohol is an addictive drug which reduces inhibitions, responsibility and co-ordination. It's only popular because of peer pressure and advertising, if you prefer non-alcoholic beverages stay with them. A glass of lemonade in the same glass is just as seductive as hard liquor, provided your nails and lips are done.
  • Its an acquired taste. Try a long island iced tea one night and finish it off.
  • Why would you want to?! The use of alcohol is not all that it is cracked up to be. Using it can destroy your brain cells,your family, Kill innocent people and make your life totally wasted. Drinking is very high on the list for the death of young people between the ages of 18 and 30. If you want to look like everyone else - try virgin drinks with out alcohol, but served in the same kind of glass wear. Also it is more cool to be the designated driver then to be the one puking their guts out. Think about it....... Hope this helps -Karla-
  • Just DON'T drink!!!
  • Hmm, if you don't like it, why do you want to drink it? 2/26/23

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