• $20 ca$h shoud do it. +5
  • There is no way to do it without offending or annoying her. I would like to get my 21 year old sister to shut up and stop singing. I just leave the room. If she is doing it when you are trying to concentrate, then just mention it nicely that you really need some quiet. That's about all you an do. I've learned the hard way that sometimes when you live with a person you just have to learn to accept the annoying habits and not start a confrontation or a moan about it.
  • Buy het her favourite snack?
  • Maybe this is a case where you can turn lemons into lemonade. Offer to be her manager when she becomes famous.
  • Children at that age are an unstoppable force of nature, short of gagging her there's not alot that'll keep her quiet for more than about 2mins.
  • If it were my younger sister ... if I told her I LOVED her singing, she would probably have stopped! lol
  • My sister never stopped singing. Oh, I protested and ranted away, and all it got me was lectures from my mother, who favored her to begin with. Then my parents paid her way to brother and I got zilch. There was no such thing as an IPod then either, so inserting earplugs was the only way to go. Go with the IPod.
  • no idea at all! fantastic question though, made me laugh out loud, thankx
  • Stuff a sock in her mouth and wrap tape around her head to keep it in.
  • Duct tape. It must be nice to have a young sister who is happy. if you tell her how much you like her singing she will probably stop.
  • jus tell her there have been known cases if u sing to much u loose ur voice
  • My brother sings too its quit annoying he's tone def sounds like a dying moose
  • i just started singing really loud and bad over the top on purpsoe and she got so annoyed she cried instead of sung. then after that everytime she sug so did i.. she got bored in then end : L

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