• According to my 14-year-old boy, sadly the most expensive ones.
  • i noe a few that are popular at my school.... aberocombie hollister american eagle and aroepastel (so sorie bout the spelling!!!) beware there is a fake hollister called hollister authentic I noe bout it becauz my friend bought an authentic hollister for one doller when a shirt is bout 30 bucks !!!
  • my favorite trainers are onitsuka tigers but i don't have a favorite clothes band.
  • for my kids aeropostale, american eagle, pacsun and hot topic
  • The teens I know are not as concerned about brands as much as where they get the clothes. Most of the ones that hang out with my son go to Good Will. They love it there.
  • well it matters if the teen can afford expensive brands, but mine fav brands are Express i love it , american eagle, abercrombie, calvin klein, ralph lauren etc
  • The most popular I can think of are Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Hollister, PacSun, and Hot Topic.
  • i'm in middle school i mostly wear Aeropostale or American eagle which is good because they are the cheaper ones =P oh and just so you know Aeropostale is having a big half off sale right now. i don't know if its every where but just incase i thought id tell you

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