• none that i know of
    • lavender
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese made somewhere else
  • Is Elton John a brand or a company? Jk, Sorry, I couldn’t resist!!
  • Trump Towers. Built by mexicans and other migrants, financed by mostly Arabs and Chinese and used by foreign states mostly.
  • Dr.Pepper
  • In the UK we have an electronics store called Currys & high street chemists called Boots & Superdrug. A Colleague once said to me; "I don't get it, Boots don't sell footwear, Currys don't sell Indian food & Superdrug was very disappointing..."
  • I once saw a cheap knockoff Nintendo Wii called Wü. The font and product were obviously intended to make people believe they were purchasing a real Nintendo. Speaking of cheap knockoffs, some of the best ones are knockoffs of the product with probably the most honest name "I can't believe it's not butter." I don't know exactly why I find the knockoffs to be so funny, but they have names like "Wow- I totally thought this package contained butter!" or phrases similar to that. Search the internet for not butter knockoffs if you want a cheap chuckle.
  • Company: Trusted Computing Group. Product: Trusted Computing

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