• No I don't feel threatened, some times I can be perplexed at how they arrived at their attitude and why, sometimes I can be angry at their opinions because I think they are wrong, and of course I can be feeling pretty good because they agree with my views on a subject. Sometimes I want to discuss what their opinion is because maybe they have seen something I missed and I have no problems about changing my attitude and my mind if something proves to be better that I thought of before. I think the thing that gets me going is when someone is so 100 percent certain and is not willing to back down even in the face of evidence that contradicts them, that gets me frustrated and combative. Perhaps I am the threatening one? Sometimes anothers opinions leave me bewildered at not only their attitude but I just cannot comprehend what they believe. Oh well, takes all kinds and I have to live with them and they have to live with me....

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