• The Federal Minimum Wage is $7.25 per hour. $7.25 X 45 = $326.45 So, going by what you say, if a person earns $326.45 or less per week then 15% of their total earnings may be deducted from the total as tax withholdings ($326.45 X .15 = $48.94) from earned hourly pay of $326.45 less withholdings of $48.94 your pay check should be $277.51 - The IRS definition of disposable earnings is: "The amount of income left to an individual after taxes have been paid, available for spending and saving." So, going by what you say, if a person earns $560.00 per week, 15% of that would be $84.00 leaving a disposable income of $476. $476 exceeds the FMW by $233.55 so the withholdings would be the LESSER of $233.55 as compared to $84.00, so your pay check would be $476.00 ($560 -84 = $476) - I'm thinking there may be a flaw in your question as $84 per week will not pay Federal and State taxes on $560 weekly income for a single person with no deductions.

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