• It is Tramadol, aka Ultram which is a non narcotic anti inflamatory/pain reliever. It can cause dizziness, confusion, nausea and vomiting amongst other side effects. The problem with this medication is that it can be addictive and taken to enhance opiate addiction.
  • You can go to and it will tell you what the pill is for and any side effects that it might have. I hope this helps.
  • Haha I had to search this just now...I found it in my friends moms room cause she gave me a vicodin yesterday for chronic back pains and i just took this cause it said for her to take for neck pain so I figured it was just a pain reliever and look...I was right!
  • Uh, sorry but Ultram, Tramadol are not addictive medication's. They are non-narcotic and were developed for pain releif without addictive properties. This is just an excuse for insecure doctors not to prescribe so they will tell you this. As a pharmaceutical medication Rep. with a four year degree in medical chemistry along with pharmacokinetics there is no link with ultram or the generic form called tramadol to be addictive. If a person has an addictive personality then they will easliy become additive to, but it's not the medicine that makes them to be addictive, but is the chemistry in the brain of a person who suffers from addictive personality. Doctors today are goveren to how they can treat their patients and what to prescribe, so if you been taking a certain medication the doctor will continue to prescribe, sort of like being grandfathered in, but if you were to ask the doctor for something like tramadol they will refuse saying it is addictive to cover their ass because todays doctors are now being goveren by the goverment to as what they can prescribe. This is all related to the fact that the goverment and medication companies are in the closet together making billions and dictating as to what we can get prescribed. So contrary to anybodys most popular beliefs ultram, tramadol are not addictive medications.

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