• invest in some weapons and a good security system
  • Keep my guns loaded and handy. Oh, let the cops know of the threat. They cannot do much, probably, except drive by my place occasionally, but at least there won't be any surprises when I shoot the bastard in my driveway.
  • Hmm...that's a good question. I guess first I would try to assume a new identity if possible. Move to a different country. Just vanish. But if all else fails get an untraceable gun plenty of ammo and be ready for whom ever it is. I prefer a non violent way, but if it was me or them to die, sure as heck is not going to be me.
  • By my account 3 things:-Buy a shotgun and a lot of bullets, -run to the hills, -pray for your life,OI!
  • By a weapon and familiarize yourself with said weapon, buy a good security system, inform local authorities, and maybe even do a bit of physical training and learn a combat style. Also, there are reduced-lethality weapons available you know? I say reduced lethality because a weapon is never "non-lethal." Such as tasers, blunt trauma rounds AKA "Rubber bullets", melee objects such as bats, etc.
  • I give Him a chance... And you also take a little bit more care.
  • Dye my hair, cut my hair, dress funny to blend in. Then Ill start to be his 'shadow' to see what he's up to.
  • when he is out, i do something and get in.
  • Go to gaol.
  • Be waiting outside the prison gates with my AK; walk right up to him and say "the only reason you're still alive right now is because I am allowing it; if you come after me, I'll be waiting... and I will kill you on sight..." +4
  • Just keep my weapons handy and be more cautious.
  • Spend more time at the pistol range. : )
  • Look at how you can reconcile and begin the healing process.
  • Leave the front door open!
  • I will be scared sxitless, naturally. :D
  • Reinspect my fire arms. Place a couple more in key locations around the house. Go get that CHL and start packing. You only get one life, protect it!!
  • I would be out of here....ASAP!!! +5
  • Buy a Glock .45 and learn how to use it well.The Police nor any of us can really protect you.You need to wrap your mind around the idea that no matter what your life is in your own hands.You are either the sheep or the wolf.If youlook like food you will be consumed.God bless you and git-r-done!!!!! Good Luck The judge.
  • Trick him into meeting you where everyone is your friend(get a girl on the inside to string him where you want him when), and hospitalize, not kill him. Or if you want the permanent solution, follow his movements on his day of release, and do what needs to be done when there are no witnesses, no helpers, no tellers. A shovel and lye is key, from what I've seen on CSI.... Last time I talked to someone who had sent me to prison, I took the high road. I took my son with me, he had been like an uncle to the boy, and the boy told him what a piece of he was, and guilt over this contributed I hope a little at least, to the man's suicide 2 months later. I had a little help with dissolving his family(gfriend, kid left), assault and B + E charges against him(lookin at 7 years, never leave evidence in your house after the fact) and a few other things, but by and large, I left him alone..
  • hmm... tell him good luck and if he tried anyhting, I'd kill him first, self-defense....
  • i ll kill the shit out of him
  • I am going to ask him to meet me at a neutral location with a third party present so that we can talk things out. He probably wants to move on and I know that I do. If nothing else, I can assess the situation, but I am willing to let bygones be bygones if he is. There is no point in carrying these things around. I am going to offer whatever help and encouragement I can give in his new life and be happy if that is accepted. If not and he indicates he still wants to kill me, I will thank him for putting that on the record. I am going to do my best to avoid him and take reasonable safety precautions while going on with my life. I am going to makes sure that I document all threats and let someone know where I am at all times. Then, I am going to pray -- a good bit.

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