• Never have before; probably not.
  • Nope not as of now. Just got out of high school and now have no health care :( i need to get on getting health care
  • Yes I get them every year
  • I get one every year.
  • Nope...never have and don't plan on it.
  • yes +5
  • Nope...never have and never will. When i get flu i take nasal spray those are very effective.
  • I've never had a flu shot and I question their general utility. People almost never die from flu unless they are very old or very young, nor do they stay sick for very long. There's a new strain every year you can get a shot for but it doesn't necessarily keep you from getting 'a flu', just not 'that flu'. . I'm not against people getting the shot, I just don't have any reason to get it myself.
  • not only NO but HELL NO! They are extremely dangerous for many reasons and the so called swine flu shot is now known to be extrememly bad! I think this will give you enough information.
  • I got the Mist this year - gross
  • Oh yeah,every year.
  • absolutely not! Every single vaccintation has toxic chemicals that contain mercury, aluminum, formeldihyde, and formelyne. In 2006 the AMA announced after an in depth 25 yr. study that there was no difference between the vaccinated group and ones who weren't. There is evidence that aids is a polio vaccination gone wrong. The Dr. who developed the polio vaccination in 1977 announced that he believed half of polio victims after 1961 were directly caused by his vaccination.
  • No, I'm not getting a Flu shot this year. I have never had one. I have rarely gotten sick with the Flu, & don't get ill all that much with anything. +5
  • I get one every year.

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