• "Noah's Ark" is a work of fiction, but assuming that Noah brought 2 of every kind of animal with him aboard that Ark, then there would have been two Boxers, two Collies, two Greyhounds, two Beagles, etc. +5
  • Don't really know or care, but Atheists - I'm not, but love their logic & thinking!!! - say that if that were true, he'd have had to have all the germs/viruses that came down to us, including the AIDS virus...........kinda makes ya think, huh? but your question is very valid. I'd like to see an Evangelical squirm answering it!! LOL LOL LOL :-D :-D
    • mushroom
      Why did Noah have to bring those dammed ticks and mosquitos?
    • Jewels Vern
      Please learn the subject before you try to pretend to know something. Noah only saved two of each KIND (genus) of clean animals, and five each of a list of animals.
    • mushroom
      Actually, it's seven pair of every clean animal needed for ritual once land was restored. Hebrew:SHIVA SHIVA ISH B'ISHTO seven-seven male and mate. From the same root word comes the Feast of Shevuot (weeks/sevens) which is a holiday held 49 days after Passover. Seven is one of those numbers that is highly symbolic in the Torah, Bible and Quran.
  • 6-9-2017 Evolution is a work of fiction. Lots of specially trained smart people have looked hard for evidence of a world wide flood. They found two. Neither of them was Noah's flood of 2349 BC. Nevertheless, people all over the world recorded a flood that year and they all agreed on all the details. You might be surprised to learn what actually happened. This is long, but it's all there: If you don't care to read the whole book, here is the section about Noah:
  • Yes, in some readings. As it could be alluding to "samples" of 2 of everything i.e DNA samples rather than the whole beast. In a similar fashion to what we are doing today with the USDA ARS. The actual hebrew account never mentions noah bringing whole animals in. Most of that story was added later. As for dog breeds. Most are forced and unnatural breeds which have no evolutionary purpose. They are little more than living dolls.
  • Most of the differences in species are caused by mutations. However there's also the cross breeding of species between dog and wolf. here's an informative article you may want to read on the subject.
    • mushroom
      Besides mutation, also variation, what is referred to as "gene expression." The variations are often already present in the genes, but suppressed. Humans have modified or accelerated these changes by selective breeding, just as we do with crops. In nature, nobody directs such selection; it happens by isolation, chance and fitness.
    • Linda Joy
    • Old Christian
      Mushroom got it right.
  • Evolution is the changing of one type TO ANOTHER...e.g. a mouse becoming an elephant. Even dinosaurs had multiple types...each separate...oner type did not change into another type, even though they might have similarities... Jehovah God created each on separately... Was he experimenting? It would explain all the types of PRE- man... And we have their skulls... OR WERE THEY JUST TYPES OF ANIMALS... We may never know... But Man [ proper ] started with Adam and Eve...having intelligence. To build cities...

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