• That is the job of the parents!! Working in child care for many years, I know that there are MANY parents who leave it up to the Daycare workers and the school system. Good Question "Banned from Yahoo"!!! +5
  • Are you interested in being a parent, or an observer?
  • i teach that part myself, it's not a one time deal but rather something that requires constant teaching over time
  • It is the parents responsibility, to teach their child, right from wrong, schools should enforce it.
  • Great question, most times if not done before school it's a fight! AND.....we then have to teach the parents! Much harder job! Either they don't care, or.......their children are "perfect"
  • Personally I teach them right from wrong the best I can The school doesnt seem to bother
  • No, that's my job. I'm responsible for my children.
  • It's the responsibility of the parents to teach their children basic morals. Too bad more parents don't seem to think so.
  • I'm not a parent but I will definatly be teaching my children right from wrong myself once I am a parent.
  • Personally, I think it's the PARENTS' responsibility to teach their children right from wrong, and the SCHOOL'S responsibility to teach the children, reading, writing and 'rithmetic--although, more and more the parents are assuming THIS responsibility as well!!!

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