• when my mother was pregnant there had to be two of us but the other baby somehow dissapeared or didn't eveolve, but only i was born and there was an amnion but there was no my brother or sister in it : (
  • yes it happened to me they probably have your dates wrong it happens all the time
  • If your test was postive and there is a heart beat then I would just wait.
  • Interesting. At 11 weeks, the fetus is large enough to be detected on an ultrasound. I'm not sure why this particular doctor failed to locate the fetus, or why they would tell you that you may not be pregnant. You had a positive pregnancy test, correct? Maybe you're having an ectopic pregnancy, in which case you'd think the doctor would be concerned about not finding the fetus on an ultrasound. Very strange, indeed. I'm sorry I can't give you an answer. This is the first time I've ever heard of something like this.
  • Im 16 weeks pregnant and I had a momment at my house that I thought something was wrong!! and went to the ER and the nurses couldnt find the baby and then the doctor came in and im already having a panic attack and he couldnt find it and then he said to me you might not be pregnant when I have ultrasounds of my baby and everything already!! and 2 weeks later I went to my family doctor and he found it in np problems what is happening to these doctors in hospitals do they not no that were pregnant and if u say were not when we no we are we would be getting fat and eating wierd foods like crazy if we werent dont they no that is going to scare the shit out of us but yeah if it happen to me and you something has to be going down at these hospitals!

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