• "When asked about the misspelled title, director Quentin Tarantino gave the following answer: "Here's the thing. I'm never going to explain that. You do an artistic flourish like that, and to explain it would just take the piss out of it and invalidate the whole stroke in the first place." Thank you, IMDB : )
  • Addressed here: I have been meaning to look into this question myself!
  • Part of the movie plot is the interplay between the 'untraditional' American unit and british high command trying to understand and control their activities. I guess the title is written by an american trying to 'spell it british' 'ou' instead of o, 'basterd' as some brits pronounce it. OK, the speller would know it was wrong, so more likely a humerous attempt to make it look british. regards JakobA
  • after watching movie my idea was that in many episodes in movie is all about languages and even accents, but ti have no idea is it right
  • because he's an arrogant no talent jackass who thinks he's a genius but only succeeds in make incredibly violent movies that he calls 'art'. and that's why..........besides, he's an ugly fucker to boot!!!!!!! UGH

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