• Neither have I; I did try to read the Hobbit
  • if you missed the old one in the 70's - 80's , then you are missing out. ;-) if you just wanna fit in ,,, see the new one ;-)
  • Yes! I have all three. Really good story.
  • Yes you are. Even better is reading the books.
  • If you like fantasy, then yes you are. If you're not into elves & magic rings, then no. The movies are terrible anyway.
  • yeah I think you are missing a lot. Usually I'd agree with the sentiment that whatever a ton of people like, it must be crap; however, in this case that's not the case. It is a simply incredible feat of cinema. Epic in every way. If you are interested in the sort of thing, the story of the making of the films is incredible too. The movie itself, especially for fans of the book,is fantastically and beautifully well shot(although it does take liberties with the story). The special effects are years beyond their time. The acting is solid and sometimes excellent. The musical scoring excellent and appropriate for the setting. Yeah, and its long but that's a plus in this case. I suggest watching it alone or with someone who can shut up for three hours. Its really good.
  • Great movies! My husband hasn't seen them either, and I keep bugging him to rent them so we can watch them together. Highly reccommended!
  • To me, no - not at all - I am not into that type of movie and that also includes anything Harry Potter-related - not to take away from the merit of all movies based on mythical characters, creatures and settings in any way, but I have no interest in that particular genre. HOWEVER, give me "Clash of the Titans" and I will watch that several times!! - I enjoyed that movie, many years ago (even tho' I thought Harry Hamlin was FAR too "enabled," ha ha - he possessed minimal skills on his own, and "got by with a little help from his friends"!), because I like stories about the Greek gods, mythical characters as they might be!!
  • If you like magic, elves, dwarves, and epic stories then yes.
  • me either join me in a toast to content +5
  • yes! go rent them right now! i comand you! even if you don't care for those movies you should still watch, they are great
  • I think you do.But it is not late if you begin to watch it now.Here you can watch all this series:
  • If you like fantasy, read the books, then see the movies. If you don't like fantasy, neither will do it for you. Though the movies are well done cinematically, they never are never as touching, as scary, as sad or as wonderful as the original story.

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