• I'd go with you. But we better wait for open season!
  • I wouldn't do either.
  • I'd go with you. I don't hunt myself, but I grew up in Pennsylvania where deer hunting is the national past-time. That's where the movie "Deer Hunter" was made!
  • Sounds good to me!
  • I'd go
  • I would have no problem with you going hunting, but I have doubts about going myself. Deer hunting is a long, cold, often wet day in the woods. Maybe if I got to sit in a tree blind.
  • I don't hunt and I don't like the idea of killing animals for sport, but I'm willing to put that aside and respect people who do hunt. I know that they're not trying to torture animals. Deer are a prey animal and there are a lot of them. I do have a problem with someone using dogs to chase a bear up a tree where it makes for an easy shot. Bears are not a prey animal and it just seems so cruel.
  • Neither. I try very hard not to kill anything unnecessarily. But you have every right to hunt for sport and I will help you defend that right. BTW ... I'm a lifetime member of the NRA. : )
  • id go with you, if you planned on eating it. I have no problem hunting for food, but for sport , im not so much into.
  • Bow hunting sure, I have a slight dislike of firearms ... I am a highly skilled tracker and will help you pick the right deer while we just photograph the others ...
  • Probably pass.
  • I've never been hunting. I'd wonder if I would slow you down or annoy you with too many questions.
  • I'm in, it wouldn't be my first time going hunting.=)
  • Well considering that I know how you feel about animals, I would have to use your gun to shoot you and put you out of your misery because it would mean you have gone completely bonkers.
  • I will come with you but you have to arrange for guns and horse and i will bring the courage with me .
  • your a mean animal killing freak. oh have any venison stew leftover? Jerky perhaps?
  • As long as you plan on USING the meat (eating it or giving it to someone else who plans on eating it) by all means do it - if you're doing it for sport and leaving the deer rot in the woods, shame on you for being so wasteful
  • I know family members that would probably want to join you....
  • Honestly, I would think the later. I will try not to hold that against you. I like you. Looks like I am the only one. I am a vegetarian and have been so my whole life. I have never eaten animal flesh. I do not understand the pleasure you can get out of taking a life of such a beautiful creature.
  • If you want me to think of you as a crazy animal-killing freak, then first you have to kill an animal, and then you have to claim that it was in self-defense, because he was stealing from you and telling lies or something. And you'd have to do it while wearing only a thong. Show me the pictures, Shatzee, and then I'll believe.
  • I would only consider the reasons behind your wanting to go deer hunting and whether or not you knew enough about hunting to be safe around when we hunted. Oh, and since you're a lady, I would also consider whether or not you're my wife as well! If not, then I wouldn't be going out with you anywhere, much less hunting! So, as you can see, thinking of you as some "crazy, animal-killing freak" would not be on my list of concerns! :):)
  • I think of you as a freak anyway, i would just think of you as an animal killing one to top it off
  • Deer hunting is a part of life around here, If you don't hunt them someone is going to have them in their car. I don't think anything about it either way.
  • I would go with you to make sure you hunted safely (yours and for the other hunters also) and I would even loan you my .270 cal. Remington automatic hunting rifle or my 12 gauge shotgun.

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