• You can't. Death is inevitable. +5
  • Sorry; two things that you can't STOP are Taxes and DEATH ... +5
  • You make him a Zombie!!!
  • You can't, and I'm VERY glad that people die. Imagine if there was no death. People would live forever, and people would keep having children. If we stopped death, I guarantee that people would be too selfish to stop breeding. The world would be so severely overpopulated that we would all starve. Death may not be nice, but it is completely necessary.
  • Vampires
  • Re-think your understanding of the life experience. If you can find a spiritual point of view, "death" is only what happens to the body...the spirit continues. For those who view reincarnation as probable, "life" will continue in but another form, perhaps another human form. For those who hold views of "heaven", the spirit ascends to union with god, for those who hold other beliefs, there is a continuation on some level. We are part of a cycle, a movement from one form to another. We have already moved from childhood to now...and can anticipate further movement to ultimate death. But this is not something to be is part of the pattern, the cycle of life in which we all participate.
  • If people were not going to die then it will boring ,so let's give other people some space.
  • It looks like spelling is already dead.
  • Stop giving birth to them.
  • transport all of our brains into machines
  • Ever see the movie Death becomes her? Even if we stop death... I think it would be far more productive to prevent the aging process first, so as to avoid having rotting, living, corpses walking around with skin grafs and sears indoor outdoor latex paint instead of make-up.
  • It is the natural order of things and nothing to even want to stop. If you look at all of nature there is a natural cycle of birth death and rebirth and I think human beings follow suit. No one really dies anyway.
  • YES, sure. Put them in liquid nitrogen. But a person kept 'alive' in such a manner won't habve much of a 'life' we know it. * But you would sure have STOPped him/her from dying! * BTW, a pessimist once said: "life is a universally fatal STD (sexually transmitted disease)"
  • no more life...dying is a part of living....:0
  • Apparently they must be freeze to death first!
  • Resort to Cryonics. All you would do is wait until we develope the technology to live longer. Maybe even forever.
  • If you mean dying, you don't.
  • "Just say No" when someone offer to sell you dye.
  • Death is the death of death in the end of things. When you die, death itself is killed. So the only way to truly end all death everywhere is for everything alive to die. I read a poem about that once.. and can't for the life of me remember it.. it was British, and I'm thinking it was a sonnet but I'm not exactly sure.. hmm... but yes, you would have to die in order to end death. If death has no one to kill, then doesn't IT die? :)!
  • After Birth the next thing that cannot be stopped is Death There is no way to stop humans dying.
  • ... you would have to kill them all ... if there are none left alive, then there are none left that can die later ...
  • you cant stop humans from dying. no matter what you do. sorry, if that was possible i would be the happiest person on earth. lol. great question btw. (;

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