• I'm twenty-two going on twenty-three and I can say I have maybe one good friend, and that friend changes every day. It seems to me that, sadly, that people are changing at such a constant rate that a close friend one day could be your enemy the next. In my experience I don't let any friends too close, but I treat them all with respect and good spirits equally. No one likes favorites, except the favorite.
  • at 31 I often alienate myself to prevent disappointment from people I consider a friend
  • cloze---23... n clozest---3 ... me am 20... :D... aint a tenn-no-more... yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!... peace!!!
  • One, and I haven't seen him since 1965. I wrote him a letter in 1974, but he moved after that and we lost touch. I sure miss him, and I don't want any more friends like the others I have had.
  • None, any true friends are far away or dead.

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