• Not go to church so I don't have to write a check every Sunday.
  • i save my change. the quarters turn into dollars. its my reserve gas money.
  • Cut as many recurring costs as possible Don't pay someone to excercise eat out infrequently wait on the dvd
  • Don't drink in bars (often). Don't own a car. My wife cuts my hair. No cell phone. recycle.
  • Eat less in expensive restaurants
  • cooking at home packing a lunch make a shopping list
  • buy wholesale online
  • I'm the king of cheap, what do you want to know? The most important thing in my life, is keeping my realestate that i really can't afford. So i: -Try to grow my own food -Never eat out -No TV unless i can get some channels for free -Refill smaller soda bottles from 2 liter bottles -I cut my own hair -I don't have a cell phone -Heat my house from firewood that i cut or pick up -Only go to town about 6 times a year, saves gas -Never buy music, it's free on the radio -Never heat the house till it's really uncomfortable -Put a timer on the water heater, so there is hot water just before i need it -No homeowners insurance -Buy store brand foods and not the name brands
  • buy things on liquidation.
  • I don't keep credit or debit card which stops me from buying unnecessary stuff.
  • Buy food ONLY when it's on sale, no using lights during the day. We open the doors and use the sunlight. I don't eat out. Don't go to movies or concerts. A few other things.
  • I usually eat out because it's convenient, fresh produce, and cheaper.
  • buy one share that pays a dividend quarterly per week and only buy the kinds of food that you eat, like campbell's soup's, kraft foods, etc.. each quarter you'll get a dividend check, find out from h&r block what the taxes are on that check and pay double out of that check, so you'll get money back at the end of the year. the left overs of the check is at your disgression. i'd buy more shares of the same thing to double your savings income. the good thing about these types of shares is this is what we eat, so in order to not get paid from your dividends is to be dead.
  • I make a bank account I can't access off my Eftpos card :) +5

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