• Why not? It's their money and not yours, right? +5
  • Sure...if you got it spend it If you're struggling to pay bills or something, probably not right It would probably be nicer to spend $50 and donate the rest to a starving child, but who am I to judge? ;)
  • They can do whatever They want. Depending on their salary, it only says something about Them.
  • Well, it's their money, but the thousand dollar accessory should only be bought if one can afford it. Too many people have taken out loans and bought things that they couldn't afford, which has led to a massive debt in the United States, which eventually resulted in our current recession.
  • If you have some amount of money, you are entitled to spend it any way you want.
  • yea. all of it costs about $2 to make. if you put a high price on ANYTHING, people(being the ignorant people they are), will buy it assuming it's top of the line. well you just directly 995 dollars to the store, which was unnecessary
  • it is all about disposable income - the average american spends a greater percentage of their annual income buying a 20k car that a rich person who buys a 250k car
  • I don't think it is wrong as long as the person has the money to buy such an expensive item. Right now, we need to do something to stimulate our terrible economy. I do not think it would be right for my girlfriend to buy such a purse. We are just trying to pay the bills. I think it is important to live within your means. +5
  • I wouldn't use the word 'right'. Because of course, if they worked for that money, then they have the 'right' to spend it, dont they? :) But, to me, my opinion, it is a complete waste of money, and i would rather give it to someone in need than spend it on a purse.
  • If it`s their money it`s their business.But no,I do not really think it is right when there is so much need in the world.I hope I would not,if I ever felt I could afford it.There are plenty of Very nice qualtiy purses for a whole lot less than that...But it is their money and their choice.
  • Depends. I saved to buy a 500$ purse ( I actually managed to find it for less). I had my purse savings, a particular purse that I wanted, and my husband didn't care that I was tossing my change and ones into the container for my purse. It wasn't money we were going to miss anyways, and if something else had come up that we needed the money for it would have gone to that, but we didn't so I got my purse. But then, we aren't exactly broke either. Not rich, but not poor.
  • Don't think of the silly people spending $1,000 on a purse. Think of the artists, artisans, and craftspeople who get the money. Most of them will put it to much better use, and making a purse creates very little in the way of pollution. Better to have people with money to burn buying purses than buying up all the land and commodities. It's a natural way to recycle money back to the grass roots.
  • ...If they have the money and want to buy it whatever. (even though I think they could do so much more with the money they have) ...but if they dont have the money and put it on credit, or spend cash their family needs I think it is very wrong. Alot of women put their family in debt with addictions to shopping and spending cash they dont have...infact I know a woman and her husband who does just that. He is disgusted with her and owes 12000 dollars in CC bills. ...I wouldnt dream of buying a 20 dollar purse, but thats me...purses carry my money and STuff and that is it. I dont need a fancy one, a name brand one...nothing, just one that is ME.
  • Not only is it's great for the economy! And IMO the more expensive the better and one of the best ways to get some of that money out in the economy rather than just sitting in a bank somewhere.
  • If they earned their money, it's their choice. Personally, I don't see the senese in me doing it. Not that I couldn't afford one if I really wanted it but I am determined not to be a label-whore. I don't need an expensive accessory to feel important.
  • people are entitled to spend their money however they want, but there are stupid, ignorant, decadent ways to spend it as well as kind and progressive ways. a 1,000 dollar purse would be a wasteful and ignorant way.
  • not my place to judge and i dare anyone to judge me i work hard for my money and will spend it any damn way i please +5
  • Yes, but only if I was selling them.
  • Well if they have the money then why not? It's not as if that person would instead give that money to the poor, they'd just find something else to waste it on. The funny thing is that nobody can tell the value of a purse unless it has the label saying who makes it.
  • I think it is reasonable for people to choose to spend any ridiculous amount of money on something they can legally buy. Fashion is rife with overpriced items. . It would be a mistake not to note that when you spend more you can get better quality. Coach purses are expensive* but they are also extremely durable where something you buy for less that $20 at Target probably isn't. A cheap purse is all well and good if what you need is a cute purse that you will quickly outgrow as you change to more mature forms of dress. . That said, there are diminishing returns at the high ends of spending. The most luxurious aren't always otherwise well designed. The fastest sports cars aren't always the most expensive ones. The fastest in 2009-20010 go from 0 - 60 in between 3.9 to 2.5 seconds and top out at between 205 and 257 mph. Most cost about a half a million dollars. It is worth noting that the fastest one is $654,400 while the second fastest is $1,700,000. _______________________________________________________ * More expensive than they're worth I admit.
    • Roaring
      2017 Tesla Model S P100D 'Ludicrous Plus' ) 0 to 60mph in 2.3 seconds and Tesla Model S Plaid coming soon bet $100K and $150K even faster. Roadster coming soon even faster at $200k
  • I wouldn't spend that much on a purse but to each their own. More power to them.
  • If you think you're worth it, then buy them. I have a few YSL purses, as well as some handbags that cost over $1000,00 dollars. They are stylish and luxurious.
  • I think they should be able to choose what they want to do with their money however ridiculous I think it is. I wouldn't pay that much for a purse unless it was for what I consider a worthy cause. I'd be much more inclined to donate it to rape victims and fistula patients, or children born without a smile. It'd be awesome to be involved in something like that! I never was much into brand names.
  • I think people can spend their money however they want. As long as they're not crying for a handout later.
  • Yes. You've obviously no clue what work and material goes into these pieces, to make them worth so much.
  • Furthermore to give another answer: I have to agree with jshm22 who is known for giving good advice. The problem in society is that many people expect everything out of nothing. Questions like yours are typical with people who whine about the expensive prices. This is why inexpensive retail stores exist if you can't afford luxuries. If you ask me, I work hard to buy the things I want. I am middle-class, and I will choose Quality over Quantity any time I can.

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