• Whenever I see them I feel like taking an AK to my pc..but I find it much cheaper to put my pop up blocker on
  • Are those the ones where you roll the cursor over it and it screams "HELLO?!" If so, I can say I have never detested an internet ad more than I have that obnoxious excuse for an advertisement. I mean, seriously. It just pisses me off! I think it'd be safe to say they just sealed the deal on why I'd never visit that website. And who could like that?! If anyone here admts to liking that, I am going to have to take serious action. (=P) Know what? I'm boycotting it, as of now... >=[
  • I quite like them, especially because I don't see adverts on my computer. Knowing that they exist gives me a tiny laugh, it reminds me of a time long ago when I used to have adverts sprawling all over the screen. Not any more though! Tip for Windows users: #
  • Oh yes I hate those SmileyCentral ads. I move my mouse around on the screen a bit and suddenly somebody goes "Heloooooo?"
  • ive never seen them

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