• 24th december 1991, My Son Jamie
  • My self-confidence.
  • A Ring My Husband brought which was in my bag because I popped a stone. It was not a Wedding Band or Engagement Ring.
  • (knock on wood) I am typically good at not losing things. However, sounds cheesy but I lost three charm bracelets that my mother made for me years ago. I'm still pissed about it. It was hundreds of dollars worth of charms, some one of a kind and held valuable meaning to our relationship.
  • A gold cross necklace that my husband gave me.
  • A rather expensive pair of men's black leather gloves. It was winter, and they fell out of my coat pocket one day. :(
  • A diamond and emerald tennis bracelet. My then boyfriend, now husband gave it to me. I had worn it on a date, slept over, and put it in my purse for safe keeping. The next night I forgot to take my purse out of the car, and it was stolen.
  • the engagement ring my husband gave me when he proposed to me. :( Lost it prolly 12 yrs ago and have never found it :(
  • Either a gold pen, or my wallet with all my credit cards and my ID in it.
  • My trust in ladies!! Some of them can be promiscuous and bit*hy
  • My iphone 3g, but the good thing about it was, a good samaritan had called some of my other friends and they gave him my house number and told me that he had found my cellphone. I met the guy at a local park and he returned it to me while I was offering him $50.00 dollars and he refused to take it, so I told him thanks instead.
  • My mind...kidding. Actually, my home in a hurricane.
  • My car keys! There's freaking microchips in the keys, so getting a single replacement key is something like 90 dollars. I don't know what the keyless entry keyfob dealy would cost to replace, but I can't imagine it's any less. non-monetary value? I've lost various trinkets and knicknacks over the years, but it's never anything so important that I immediately freak out. Just that sometime later, I think, "huh, I wonder what happened to my <whatever>, is it in my knicknack drawer?"
  • My innocence.
  • An I Phone 3G and I Pod 120gb stolen in one Friday night. I Pod was stolen from my bag and I phone from falling out of my pocket. I have two suspects. Pub or cab driver who drove me home. They were the last two places my bag and my I phone were at that night. But as they say things can always be replaced. Got a new I Phone now 3G S and don't need the I Pod as the I Phone does all that. As for the looser who stole my stuff. He's probably still a loser.
  • A Ring from my Husband. I popped a stone and was going to repair it. It was in my Pocketbook.
  • Me and my girlfriend at the time now my ex had broken up and she meant the world to me so after that i lost the hope and courage to pursue another woman. Its though as if i piece of my was destroyed when that occured and i haven't been the same since.
  • In order: 1, Parent (The other died long ago) 2. My dogs. Best friends I'll ever have. Everything else is worthless.
  • when I was a we lad, I stole some coins from my mom and brought them outside to play with and show off I guess. I lost them threw out the day. I didn't know they were worth money and had huge sentimental value to my mom. She still brings it up now and then.
  • Three years of my life.
  • A heart with angel wings attached. It was beautiful and one of my most prized possessions.

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