• If they are round for dinner then yes. If it is casual i usually ask people to bring their own. They do drink a lot so it would costs too much for me
  • Seeing as most of my friends are guys who drink beer, like me. I have beer. I like beer, they like beer, we all cheer for beer. So technically yeah lol
  • With me it is the case that I have those kinds of spirits at home I like to drink. Sorry, friends, when you come you you have to like what I like - hahaha! When we were not full-time RV'ers and had a house, we had a rec room with about 100 different bottles in the bar. Now we have only limited space........
  • Always well stocked.
  • Mostly... If I have a party I'll purchase what my guests enjoy if I don't have it stocked.
  • Nope. I don't drink much and learned long ago that being the guy with the always stocked bar meant being the guy to host all the alcoholics. If I am having company, I may get something I know that company enjoys, but I certainly have no cause to keep booze on hand for random visits.
  • Yes, I always try to have a full bar with a few varieties of beer.
  • If I know they're coming,I will get what they like :)
  • I have all types of alcohol, except beer that I would have to buy in. I do not drink so it is not something I think about buying.
  • mostly every thing,,,,but we allways get cauglt out with some strange drink that some one wants,,,,
  • Yes I always do now. I have had periods in my life years ago when I couldn't affor it so visitors would just have to be satisfied with milk, water, coffee or kool aid :)
  • I usually have soda, tea, wine and beer for friends.
  • Sorry no. If I don't know you're coming over - I only have what I prefer. So even if you just need cream for your coffee, better let me know.
  • Always well stocked. But years ago - when we were young and poor - not so well stocked. All our friends were in the same financial boat - and we all brought our own booze when visiting.
  • No, I have too many friends that like to drink way too much and I don't have the money to be keeping bottles and bottles of what they like to drink hangin around my house LOL...i'd be so broke

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