• Only if this ban applied to people swimming in their own pool at home...
  • There's enough political correctness to go around already. We don't need more. Wearing this suit insults those not wearing one because they are looked upon as infidels and sinners against the Koranic theories of radical zealots.
  • no. Health code issues
  • Good. Let's just keep banning attire. "If they can do it, we can do it."
  • Rather a health issue, if muslims want to live a dirty life an unhealthy life, then they have the right to go back to their homeland, no one's forcing them to be there where they are.
  • I read that article and didn't really understand why they were unsanitary if they are washed after each use like other swimsuits are. I will say it didn't look like it would be much fun to swim in them. If the fabric fades (it didn't look like spandex in the picture) I can see a problem there.
  • Does France have that Freedom? It could be a health issue.
  • I saw that on the news. It is a health issue. But I don't understand why as they said the material is the same material as swim suits. And this business about Freedom of Religion. Sikhs wanted to get away with not wearing bike helmets because of their turbans. That is a safety issue. It is the law where I live.
  • I agree, it is a health issue.
  • Well, to be "politically correct", shouldn't wet suits be banned as well?
  • You're assuming that the freedom of religion is universal. France has one of the strictest policies for the separation of church and state. Any form of religious expression under the jurisdiction of the state is at the very least frowned upon if not prohibited. Bear in mind that municipal pools require swimmers to shower before entering the water. What good does it do to shower off a full-body suit? Any oils, lotions, perfumes, hygiene products, or open sores those women have on their bodies are headed straight into the pool water and on to every other swimmer there. That's utterly disgusting. Religion has nothing to do with it.
  • Isn't having French women in the pools even more unsanitary? OOOOOOOOOOH.
  • the french know what unsanitary means. they are the most unsanitary lot around. they hate bathing and will take a shower maybe once a week. the french love nudity and having people walking around in space suits would be contrary to the norm.
  • as an american, sometimes the french piss me off, but sometimes they're awesome. in this case, they're awesome. FUCK european muslims. if they love islamic law and custom so much and they don't want to assimilate to the population of the country they moved to, they can stop sponging off of more advanced countries and go back to getting publicly killed for being gang-raped. the same population that bombed the subway system of the country that reluctantly invited them to live there are the same ones swelling up the french population to the point that by 2020 something near 20-25% of france will be muslim. fuck 'em all and anyone that looks like them.
  • The Islamists might be fully clothed but how are they going to stop looking at those in swimming trunks and bikinis? Or will these be banned on the grounds of encouraging impure thoughts?
  • i personally don't think it's about health at all. not really. it IS about anti-muslim sentiment. and for good reason. here in the u.s., we may have had 9/11, but overall the arabs here are tame compared to european muslims. the french have had to deal with not only terrorist attacks on their subway, but outright civil unrest with algerians and moroccans rioting in the streets. the brits have had their buses blown up. the spanish, their subway as well. the dutch saw one of their own people, an intellectual criticizing islamic treatment of women, viciously murdered on one of his own streets in his own country. and the same group of people who do these things demand rights? FUCK these people.
  • on the one hand the news story states the ban is public pools, on the other it bans all loose clothing including surfer shorts, but allows skin tight suits. logically skin tight suits will hold germs, body oils and etc just as well if not better then most loose suits. also it is obvious france does practice religious discrimination. just because you discriminate against multiple religions doesn't mean your not a hate monger. and finding excuses to discriminate is still discrimination, whither its swimsuits, head coverings or personal jewelery. i notice the local number one religion is Roman Catholicism, a religion famous for intolerance of "heathens" i.e. anyone not doing as they say to do
  • I believe it wrong to tell some one they cannot wear what they want. I am a muslim and i don't care what you wear or what my wife wants to wear. That is between her and god if she wants to dress up or not. I cannot tell her to wear it and nor would I. But i am not a radical muslim, I am a human and i don't look at other people of other religions as infidels at all. Wish people wouldn't stereotype us all.
  • Unsanitary? To whom? That is really insulting. The human body is covered with bacteria, how can a suit be unsanitary. Leave people alone and let them wear whatever the hell they please already. We have enough stuff to argue about this is ridiculous.
  • "Freedom of religion" You take the Bill of Rights for granted.
  • Yes it is an infringement. If "health issues' are the issue, then why is there not a set of guidelines to insure that said bathing suits be made clean? Or why not ban ALL bathing suits? Someone is attempting to justify their bias.
  • France has also banned Jehovah's Witnesses...just because they continue the door to door ministry...why the authorities feel threatened by them is hard to understand. (Acts 5:42) And every day in the temple and from house to house they continued without letup teaching and declaring the good news about the Christ, Jesus. (Acts 5:42) And every day in the temple and from house to house they continued without letup teaching and declaring the good news about the Christ, Jesus. (Acts 20:20) while I did not hold back from telling YOU any of the things that were profitable nor from teaching YOU publicly and from house to house.
  • I think that sometimes religious freedom MUST be infringed upon to ensure the safety/well-being of people. Say it was my religious belief that I must shoot all non-believers in the face... should I be allowed to practice that belief, or should my religious freedom be infringed upon in order to ensure the safety and welfare of others? In this case, I think that the ban on the bathing suits is going too far. I think there is no harm in wearing head covering or body covering at the beach or the local pool if you so desire. I think that head coverings and baggy clothing sometimes present valid security risks, and in some scenarios should be banned (eg, for drivers license photographs, or in buildings such as banks, where head and face coverings are not allowed anyway), however, in this scenario, the bathing suits are harmless. If they are deemed unsanitary, and the government can provide evidence of this, they could be subject to mandatory inspection for cleanliness, or information on hygiene could be distributed at local pools and beaches. A ban is not the right answer here.

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