• Yes, I agree, the unmotivated teachers I had during my school years did nothing to encourage my creativity, and teachers today (in the UK), are constrained by the national curriculum to the point where creativity is smothered. Whoever DRed your question has obviously had their creativity squashed to a point where they are unable to form a coherent argument, poor creature. I wish I could give more than +2
  • Well its a fair point :D
  • YES +5
  • Well... yes and no... I am from the UK, so speak only of schools here. I have no knowledge of others. I agree that as a general rule schools may kill creativity. However, this is only a general rule so there are many exceptions. I attended a grammar school (thus very academic) which had a specialism in science. However, despite this they really encouraged and supported creativity. Although regular academic subjects were important, the arts were a very big part of school culture and the curriculum. As part of the compulsory timetable from age 11 we had dance, drama, art, textiles, design technology, and graphic design... plus regular events and walls covered with the most amazing student art. The same goes for my sister who for secondary school attended a technology college, it wasn't that fantastic, the children weren't the most academic, and teachers had no dreams of grand academic achievements for them, so they really encouraged the arts. So, there are exceptions. What frustrates me though, is the idea given to kids across the country that perhaps the most important thing is to be good at the traditional academic subjects. That idea is rubbish. To encourage academia above all else, and not give the option of vocational training in school gives the impression that those with natural aptitudes for arts, or working with their hands, are in someways not as good, intelligent, talented, or important as those who excel in science. That is wrong, and does no favours for society and industry.
  • You don't creativity to pass a standardized test

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