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  • there are plenty of great ideas in the AB4ADULTS section
  • The little blue pill! Which reminds me of a story. Dad is visiting his son and he sees a bottle of viagra in the medicine cabinet. He asks his son if he can have a pill. His son says he's not sure. It may not be healthy and each pill costs $10. Dad says he really wants one, and since he's leaving early the next morning, he'll leave the money under his pillow. The next morning, the son goes into the guest room and finds $100 under the pillow! He calls his dad and reminds him that the pill only costs $10. Dad says, I know, the $90 is from your mother!
  • think of sexy thoughts
  • Read your Penis Owner's Manual! Here's a copy in case one didn't come with your equipment.
  • Don't come.
  • A cockring or something similar tied round the base of the penis will trap blood within the penis, keeping it hard (maybe a strip of old pantyhose (this won't cut in as much as a rubber band and the nylon is soft). You could also try pinching the base of the penis when you think you're getting limp/going to come. If your problem is you ejaculate too soon, you could use a condom so there's less sensitivity to stimulus. There are also a number of medical pills, herbal supplements and potions available out there. Alternatively, pay attention to other areas, take your attention away from your dick, that might help.
  • a cockring!! seriously... or something like it, these are actually great for a longer erection, plus some are pleasureable for the both of you!
  • do yoga for that overall mind/body connection. also, try the supplements which give you 'the ropes'.
  • Drink lots of protein
  • Replace the face of your loved one with Rosanne Barrs.
  • focuse on your partner for a while,if you think your going to come,step back and stop trying to pleasure yourself and make sure she is getting enough! then foreplay itself will make you hotter than ever and resist penetration until the last minute!xxx
  • For me, it's exercise (mostly cardio) and Men's Multivitamins (in my case, it's Equate) and of course, healthy balanced diet.
  • I'll tell you, if you tell me how to get rid of mine
  • make the movements(strokes) slow

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