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  • Doesnt matter to me, bring them all on!!!
  • I like well-defined nipples. I like when there is a defined color difference between that areola and the breast. I love small, dark nipples that stand pretty tall when erect.
  • SMALL!!! I hate large nipples. Its a total turn off i swear. Its the worst, i hate it! Large nipples bad.
  • I like small nipples
  • I prefer small to medium nipples. Large nipples... they just don't do it for me. Rather, they turn me off. Nope, me no likey.
  • small brown nipples are the best. they r just there to be sucked
  • Not picky, (much) but have always preferred women with about a C cup breast size-wise. And they have tended to have medium sized areola - the size of a quarter or abit more. I prefer darker rather than pale if asked to pick. I just like to have them well defined and when there is a clear color contrast, that to me is preferable. I like perky and medium size for the nipples themselves, and especially like/enjoy it from a visual standpoint and otherwise if they are responsive and sensitive to touch, cool air and other things.
  • small like yours
  • I like big Asian nipples.
  • Big nipple sucks
  • I mostly prefer smaller nipples/areolas they seem much more visually appealing especially when firm and aroused like pencil erasers.
  • I and most of the guys I know hate large nipples. They just look very unattractive. Definetly prefer smaller nipples.
  • well, as long as the nipples go with the breast then im cool with whatever. however i do prefer smaller ones then to larger ones but thats just a preference and not a deciding factor
  • Although and obviously I'm not male, my personal opinion on this is the following: Nipples are usually proportioned with the breast size itself. Therefore, the larger the breast, the larger the nipple. In some cases though, this may not always be true.... but usually, thats how it goes.
  • Large Nipples in the center of large to huge areolas, Dark brown/chocolate colored...puffies are nice too!!! Small nips just don't get me...but I like rugged legs and a thick butt too...unlike most guys I know who like a smaller,tighter butt??? Oh well thats just me
  • bigger the better
  • My significant other has thick, well-defined nipples that sit atop one inch diameter, perfectly round areolae. The breasts are pert, and hook slightly upward near the nipple. I believe she has perfect, well-endowed nipples. In contemplation of bearing children, she received a complement from the lactation consultant, who informed her they were beautiful and perfect for nursing a new-born. When aroused, the circumfrence of the areolae tighten, the edges and center protrude slightly, and the nipple elongates, becomes very thick, and is engorged. Large, thick nipples are much more attractive and practical.
  • I love huge erect nipples, a big turn on for me!!!
  • Proportioned to the breast, if C or larger a cigar size diameter is my preference.
  • There is no standard preferance. Some men prefer large nipples/areolas other men find them unattractive and prefer smaller nipples.
  • The size of the nipple matters less than the responsiveness of it. I like them "bumpy" when they get erect. Usually if a woman has "puffy" aureola in her youth, she'll have nice bumpy nipples after she gets older. I like that! The truth is that most men I know like the uniqueness of a woman's breasts or they may just have a "thing" for freakish nipples or hair around the nipples, etc. The problem is that most guys aren't confident enough among their peers to say, "I get turned on by saggy breasts with pencil eraser nipples". No one likes to feel weird. If YOU like your nipples, I probably will too! ;-)
  • I prefer long thick nips doesn´t matter what size the breasts , but I will not say no to smaller nipples .
  • I like big breasts with big lumpy nipples, i also like i a tiny bit of hair around the nipple... only a few whiskers something about it makes me feel very naughty and the imperfections make them more attractive somehow!
  • I prefer small breasts, small areolas, and large nipples.
  • Well developed nipples on a flat chest are extremely attractive.
  • I prefer longer nipples rather than a thick nipple. Longer nipples rather than a thin one. I love sucking them and when there is a little more than a normal nipple in my mouth, it feels very sexy and is very erotic! Especially if the women happens to be lactating!!
  • If anyone girl is reading this and thinking OMG no guy is ever going to want me, I dont blame you. We dont say to you, Omg your dicks too Long and thin...or vice versa, what would that do to your convidence ? You should Love her no matter what she looks like. Besides if a girl has big nipples and small breasts and is under 22 ish then she probably still has some growing to do.
  • yes most definately.
  • spread out nipples on plump breasts nice and pink wow!
  • I always prefer big nipples due to the factor of it is more fun to play with espcially when having sex...pinching big nipples is highly addictive..
  • I am a women, was dating this guy for about a month, a little less. we started fooling around, anyway he said he liked the size of my breasts, there 38 D when he took my shirt off and saw I had pretty big nipples when they're hard. he wanted to still have sex with me but wanted me to put my shirt back on, he thought my nipples were too big and TOO HARD. Of course we did not have sex I wasn't covering up who I am. I don't know about other women but I think what the guy said about the larger the nipples the higher the sex drive is true. I love haveing my nipples played with it turns me on. if you suck on them and twist them and suck I can actualy have an orgasim from that.
  • Anonymous I still looovveee big nips so contact me and we can discuss your nips ;-*
  • both are good! if i had to chose, big nipples win. they just stand out, hard to the touch and firm to the mouth or tounge. awsome
  • Breasts and nipples are beautiful, in any size, shape or colour. Remember, they were our first source of warmth, comfort and nutrition!! Even for grown men, breasts still remain the best place for comfort! Women - please be proud of your breasts - yours are the best - do not compare to anyone else!! Men - please love and respect the breasts of your woman!!
  • I prefer big nipples. Big areolas are even nicer. Small breasts are fine as long as something on them is big. I think small nipples on small breasts look too little girlish. My gf has small on small (34B). I do miss the bigger ones but i would never ever say anything to hurt her. I just go with the flow when we're intimate and enjoy what she has.
  • with smaller breast (preferred) I like a smaller erect nipple, about the size of an pencil eraser, the bigger the breast and the nipple should be a little bigger as you go but not to exceed the tip of your pinkie finger.
  • boobs is boobs is boobs is boobs if the nipple looks the right proportion then surely the man is happy? Huge nipples on small boobs? no tiny nipples on huge boobs? no
  • the longer the better. my dream is to have an eye put out with one of them one day.
  • honestly, the worst looking nipples I have ever saw were still the best thing I saw that day.
  • Medium.....but as long as she has them it's all good, it's about the whole package.
  • I'm female and straight (but perform in the local Rocky Horror Picture Show cast) so I'll throw in my 2 cents, because thats how I roll: I prefer bigger nipples, mainly because small nipples - at least on larger breasts - always make them look fake to me. I'm not a fan of breast implants. But I like breasts, my own and others ;) lol
  • depends on the gender
  • when they are as large as dinner plates.....hmmmmm the jury is still out on that one.
  • It depends on how big. Are we talking quarter size, teacup size, or plate size?
  • Define "big." Show photos...
  • +5. They must be. Look at the set of them on King Kong and everybody loves Kong
  • Nipples or the areolas too?
  • Yes. Please note the difference between nipple and breast. Nipple is the protuberance on the breast. +4
  • For me, yep!
  • 1-1/2" to 2" is fine. 4-6" is just weird.
  • Well, I'm a female but enjoy longer bigger nipples. They look nice.
  • Mine are strangely enough... The exact size of my babies mouths when they were born. Which is what they are for you know!
  • Big Nips, Yes The advantages are 1 A bigger nip has more surface area on which her man can get his thumbs and two fingers to pull anf tug them. Milking her like this will send her crazy in no time and she will be ready for having her slit handled and sucked till she comes off like an earthquake. 2 She will doubtless return the favor by handling and even sucking her man`s cock. Next time she will want to be right Royally fucked 3 Big nips look erotic and she will be the envy of other women on a topless beach, Also a magnat for male eyes. 4 Better still if, in addition to usind a nipple vaccum cylinder, she also uses an areola expander so her nips protrude from the top of her puffy areolas 5 Big nips superb for her baby who will get its nourishment much easier. Good for the baby and the woman whose figure wii return to normal more quickly when nourishing her baby 6 When fully breastfeeding with no other nourishment for the baby, not even water fot the baby, the woman remains infertile and can engage in full blown sex with her man as nature intended receiving his ejaculate every time without pregnancy. Fot furthet infomation, contact me Rod Quentin, Medical Writer and Author at any time Tel 44 114 250 8687 e mail
  • I like big pertruding nipples when its hot or cold. I need something to suck on. I like it when they are like a baby bottle teet, except for real. It just seems to be serving a purpose. Pinkish kinda orangey, Nice! With a tan-line, White soft skin surrounded by brown tanned skin, topped off with a big succulent srawberry to suck. Ummm yummy. Perfect.
  • As long as I can lick, nibble and suck on them, it doesn't matter what size the nipples are
  • I prefer breast with big pertruding nipples. No matter what size of breast they me be. Why do some nipples stand out and others flat? Does it mean they breast fed? Or is it in there gene pool?
  • I really prefer big dark aureolas and thick nipples
  • I like 'em medium.
  • Bigger the better for me
  • Big dark nipples.....aureolas, really. nipples I prefer thick
  • Small areola and big nipples is the best. But I haven't seem a nipple or breast that I haven't liked yet.

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