• According to linguist/neuroscientist George Lakoff, our political beliefs are almost 'hard-wired' into our brains as we develop. Changing those beliefs requires breaking that 'wiring', which the neurological equivalent of breaking bones in the body. The bumper sticker "God said it. I believe it. That settles it" pretty much sums up the core of the 'Birther' movement. Of course, there are also those in the Business/Media/Kleptocrat complex who are perfectly willing to exploit the 'Birthers' to their own ends....:-P...
  • I find their cause to be weak and their motives suspect. However, the fact remains that the ACTUAL document has not been released, much as Kerry's actual military records weren't. Clearly it isn't legal to release them without permission of the person the records concern. It is also clear that such a person doesn't HAVE to grand permission to release them. . I see nothing wrong in berating any public official who refuses to divulge such stuff - especially a President, since any President, by virtue of his office, can look at MY private records anytime he wishes to make that happen.
  • People generally believe what they want to believe. Once they make up their minds, their brains ignore or dismiss contradicting information, no matter how valid. The birthers can't be rational or objective because (a) they're not real bright to begin with, and (b) they've been brainwashed, albeit voluntarily. Add the "widely ridiculed group becomes defensive and polarized" factor and you understand their reasoning. The Hawaii birth info is simply part of the larger evil conspiracy.
  • Because they are passionate and not logical.
  • They would rather be dishonest and dishonorably attack a political opponent, because they get a little thrilling surge of emotion by being opposed to someone, better than someone, smarter than someone.
  • This simply points out the fact that some people will believe what they choose to believe, and to hell with proof or fact. They are prone to conspiracy theories and becoming involved in sects, and other fanatical organizations. The people who " found " the birth certificate prey on these individuals.
  • Hmm. both documents are questionable, however what would solve this problem is the Hawaii Long form of birth. I researched Hawaii and found out you can get a birth certificate there even if you were not born there but lived there for a year. That is Obama's real problem.
  • Definition of Birther: A person that was himself born yesterday.
  • Whether it's about Obama, or some other person/group/cause they don't care for, some people will believe anything that supports their beliefs, even when they are completely wrong. Some folks are just so passionate in their dislike (or whatever you wish to call it), they will believe any b.s. they hear/see/read, and constantly dispute the truth no matter what.
  • Don't try to confuse them with the facts, their minds are made up.
  • Please realize that the 'birthders' are whackjobs who have invisible friends in the sky whom they beg to for wishes on a regularly basis. You couldn't wake them up from that delusion anymore than you could from the delusion that Obama was born in Kenya. They see what they want to see, they hear what they want to hear and they believe what they want to believe.
  • Because they are a bunch of shit for brains. Literally. They make young earth creationists look like pals of Steven Hawking. +5
  • Because they don`t want to see the truth.They fear it.

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