• Yes, but according to this ignorant society, no.
  • Depends upon your team and work!
  • If you're a gay pornstar, its almost a job requirement.
  • Sure why not? Of course, it may be difficult due to homophobic people at the workplace. Just remember that it is against the law to harass a person based on their sexual preference.
  • Is it ok to be straight at work? It's exactly the same. Whatever your sexuality is, has got nothing to do with work. You don't have to tell it, neither should you have to hide it. They are not explaining or hiding the fact that they are straight either.
  • In theory yes, in reality, not always.
  • Depends where you work I guess :D
  • It isn't okay to be sexual at work. Sexuality has no place in the workplace, whether gay or straight. Your coworkers really shouldn't have any clue what you are doing behind closed doors, and they shouldn't have any desire to know either.
  • Is that a code for something other than sexuality preference? If not then why should it NOT be ok to be gay at work? You are either gay or you are not. If you are gay then why should it matter if you are at work or not? It's what you are. Or do you mean camp? Effeminate? In that case........................ I don't give a shit. Are you a good person, do you respect your workmates? If so you could be gay, straight, bi or whatever the hell you like. Be yourself - that's what I say
  • Nope. It's ok to be gay everywhere else, but when you go to work, don't even think about being anything other than heterosexual. I'm being facetious, of course. What a weird question.
  • Sure, sexuality should be left at the door. I don't want to hear about a guy mans love life any more than a straight man. I don't want to see any love life acted out at work. I respect those around me and limit my contact with my s/o to a quick hug in person and quiet "I love you" on the phone. Regarless of sexual slant I don't want to be forced to see or hear anything more than that at work. In fact someone doing more than that could be brought up on sexual herassmnet
  • Only if you ARE gay...I certainly wouldn't pretend to be something I am not...
  • Yes, I rather be happy at work than unhappy.
  • Gay as in happy? Sure. Gay as in sexually active? No. You have a job to do, and that ain't it!
  • Gay..I guess that depends on what you mean. If by gay you mean talking about, acting out or making sexual advances towards co-workers of the same it's not ok for hetero or homo people to do or act like that...obviously there are sexual discrimination and sexual harrassment policies in most work places. If by gay you mean acting in a certain way that some openly gay people act (some but not all) then there is no problem with it because what defines gay? Some gay people talk a certain way, act a certain way that might elude to their sexuality but not all do and just as some straight people are horndogs and some are not, so goes for gay people. I could care less if someone is gay or not and I have worked with a few people that wanted to fly their colors loud and proud but as long as they don't do anything that violates policy I have no problem with them.
  • No it's never good to be overly happy at work you might start playing around and the boss catch you and fire you always stay serious and in a bad mood =P

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