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  • No, the percentage is slightly lower than average.
  • no. where did u saw this?
  • No. I believe the percentage is actually lower than it is for theists. I shall see if I can find a source for you. I remember reading a study, but I didn't save it. If I find it, I'll post it in a comment for you. ------ *edit* I can't find the study I was reading before, but if I find it again I will post it here. I did, however, find information about suicide rates in various countries. In the western world, the US, one of the most notably religious countries, also has an extremely high rate of suicide. However, in Europe, some of the countries with a high population of atheists also have suicide rates that are somewhat high. From this information, I would say that this issue is possibly cultural, rather than religious. It would be interesting to have actual information about the spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof, of the persons who have committed suicide in these countries, rather than speculating. Anyway, like I said, if/when I find the study again, I'll put it here for you :)
  • Vast majority of the population is theist.. the percentages could never add up being atheist account for maybe only 5% ..That would have to be almost every atheist. Would you like to reconsider?
  • No that is not true.
  • In fact given the belief that committing suicide does not allow you to go into heaven the rate for suicide among religious people would probably be even higher. Maybe if that were the case, just maybe because these people cannot commit suicide in their minds and go to heaven they do other things and kill other people instead. Or commit suicide by getting themselves killed by police for instance.
  • I should hope so.... if I was atheist I would have offed myself long ago. it is only my belief that I would be screwing my afterlife that has kept me in this hellacious life. it should take a lot more to push the religious to suiside otherwise influence does their religion have on them? and to who ever gave me -5 and -4... if you can't handle the thought of suicide stay out of the suicide section. I did not saying being an atheist is such a bad thing they should commit suicide, I was saying life for me and the majority of the american blue collar sucks bad enough that it would make sense for atheists to escape it.
  • I am unclear as to how that would actually be determined.
  • Well, if we base those figures on suicide bombers, I'd say a categorical NO!
  • Most people anywhere on the planet are believers. It's horsedunbg. Also, as one other user here said, WE GO BOOM FOR ALLAH.
  • My guess? = No. But I see where you're coming from = interesting! ;-)
  • I have not heard of that, but if you have a source, I'd be very interested to read it. However, I would imagine that the atheist suicide rate is lower because atheists generally understand that this life is all we have, so by ending it they are ending their existence. They have no hope of coming back.
  • It depends on what you read -- I've read it both ways -- both higher rate than those with religious beliefs, and lower rate than those with religious beliefs. I don't know if there is a real source for the answer to this question.
  • well i will reserch but think not as we live only one life and it is so good with it last i will never have the mind to commit suicide i love life
  • it would make sense - because all they have to live for is themselves and if that mucks up then well yer... most muslims etc. do not blow themselves up, those are extremists. i know the highest suicde rate for teens is in japan - at least is was due to all of the pressure to do well in school. suicide percentages will fluctuate between belief systems but i dont think that it can be blamed or is caused by the belief - most of the time.
  • no, it is probably Muslim. Except Muslim's probably call it something else, dieing with honor.
  • Thats a good question, honestly i don't know, but would like to know the answer to this one.

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