• Are you asking for a miracle? no the only way to lose weight safely and to keep it off and thats to eat a nutritionally balanced diet and exercise..
  • One way is to eat foods and natural suppliments that eat fat.
  • The Weigh Down Workshop. It's a Christian based program, not sure where you stand on that, hope I don't offend you but I thought it was AWESOME. All you do is eat half of what you normally would, stop just before you are full. It's amazing when you see how little food we actually need. Good luck =)
  • Yes, eliminate as much as possible these following items and eat in reasonable portions always, stop after you are full and move. You don't have to excercise like crazy, but you do have to move, like walk each day at least one mile. This means you go to the mall and walk steadily for 30 minutes, something of that sort. The food, to be simple should be fresh and preferably raw so you don't have to add fat or salt to improve the taste and add calories. Eat raw fruits and vegetables, eat only a small amount of bread or pasta per day if you must, cut the fat sugar white flour and salt as much as possible always. Get a book for a few dollars that shows you the amount of calories in your food so you are not guessing. Protein should be about the size of your fist in portion of chicken, meat or fish. 2 or 3 dairy portions like skim milk, or yogurt. 3 tbsps of fat only for the day. (very important) and lots of water.
  • Yes, no snacking between meals, moderating the size of your portions, regular meal times, decreasing fat in your diet, increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables. Some foods, like nuts and bananas are high in energy, and can increase weight, so read up on nutrition. I found using a body fat monitor (they look like ordinary digital bathroom scales) was helpful, I lost a stone, and I'm currently at 23% fat, down from 34%.
  • For the first time, ever............ The well-guarded best ever diet plan has just bee released. Its been secretly used by the police, nationwide, for years. Its the famous DONUT DIET. Three doughnuts a day. One for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner. A can of Red Bull is allowed at breakfast and lunch. Plain cake, no jelly-filled.
  • Profound depression? - [I'm not sure it wouldn't be better to remain a little 'chubby', though!] - ;-)
  • No, because the fairy with the magic weight loss wand is on time out for having offended the Fairy of Fairies. It might be permanent because the Fairy of Fairies thinks the whole weight loss thing is just silly anyway.
  • You shouldn't starve yourself, and you *really* shouldn't use diet pills -- there aren't any that really work and many are dangerous. All you have to do to lose weight is reduce your food intake to just a little bit under what your body uses each day (this is called creating a calorie deficit) and keep doing that consistently over time. A deficit of even just 50 calories a day will take the weight off over time. Any deficit will do it, really, it's just a question of how fast. You can go for a bigger deficit to lose weight faster, but whatever you choose to do, it should be something you can keep up indefinitely without becoming uncomfortable or doing damage to your health. You shouldn't drop your daily calories too low (i.e. starve yourself). It isn't sustainable and it isn't good for your body. Exercise helps increase your calorie deficit by using the calories you do consume (and keeps your body healthy and fit in many ways), but if you are taking in fewer calories than your body needs you will lose weight even if you never get off the couch (not that I recommend that). There are many resources online to help you figure out what your body's calorie needs are (everyone's a bit different) and a good daily calorie target for weight loss for you. Google "basal metabolic rate" and read everything you can find.
  • you can get only a perfect diet with timing ....its sufficient....
  • Yes, eat healthy.
  • Starving yourself does not work. Your metabolism will slow down to fit your eating habits, so drastic dieting only hurts you. Eat healthier instead (less junk and more fruits and veggies) and not only will you feel great, you'll lose wieght.
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      This is why most diets fail. The Metabolism comes home to bite us in the ass at the most unlikely of times. Its called Plateauing.
  • Yeah, but not many people ever come back from a suicide.
  • Yes. (A) You don't have to starve yourself. You DO have to refrain from over-eating. (B) For some people, changing the TYPES of food consumed is effective. For example: cutting out all sweets (except for zero-calorie sweetened items) and all fatty foods. For example: refraining from any sort of carbohydrates (including sugar) (which means: restricting yourself almost entirely to vegetables [but not grains], nuts and meats). (C) The more you exercise, the more you can eat (while on a diet) and the healthier your body will be. You do NOT HAVE to exercise, but it's just easier if you do.
  • You could try getting yourself arrested and asking the warden to only feed you one meal a day.😎
  • I see this is a really old question and you're probably not here anymore, but for anyone else that comes along and looks at this If you're struggling with weight loss you may want to get your TSH checked. It could be an underactive thyroid.
  • Follow a plan like Weight Watchers.

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