• You just nailed why I am an independent thinker.
  • I'm more liberal than I am conservative, but I have no party affiliation, so that allows me differntiate between truth and propaganda. I suppose it makes life more difficult to not have a party to do all my thinking for me.
  • Yep. I'm a anti-Pelosi, prObama libertarian, who's forced to vote almost solidly Democrat because Republicans are so much more distasteful.
  • Cringe. Daily.
  • Oh good golly miss molly. Yes I cringe at times about the Dems. I tried to help out with local Dems election campaign, but not ONE of them was willing to listen to the notion that a balanced budget might be a good thing. All I got was stonewalled by those who insisted that "funding be restored to schools". Enough dirty tricks made me less inclined to support the yo-yos.
  • i've often wondered, "if i were president, who would i want in my cabinet?" i'd fill it with department heads who would do their absolute best to make their department function stellarly, bringing our country forward. sometimes, i'd want a more conservative thinker to plan defensive programs but i'd want a more liberal thinker to plan welfare programs. even when we had a functional two party system, i used to cringe. now that the republicans are either nuts or bolting and the democrats are either obama'ites or do nothing pelosites and reedites, i cringe a lot now-a-days.
  • I'm a registered Democrat at this time (for the sake of "convenience") but consider my ideology to be independent of any party line. I've become increasingly appalled at the antics of the Republican party for at least the last couple of decades and will no longer vote for Republican candidates until the party regains its sanity. That said, yes I find myself cringing at some of the pronouncements from *all* facets of the political spectra. And I'm very leery of people who are locked, 100%, into any ideology. It means they're lazy and/or unthinking. And a lazy, unthinking human is a potentially dangerous thing to the species.
  • I don't cling to anyone's every word. The best example is the insane big deal people are making about Obama's words about that silly police and teacher episode in Florida. It's the overall issues that make the case for me.
  • I vote republican, because of social issues, however i hate every single thing about republican economics, the greed the capitalism, the lack of compassion for the poor, i all hate it. However i hate the dems anti-religious amoral social policies, so im forced to vote republican. Id much rather vote for a strong third party though if there was one.
  • I don't believe that, in the main, either major US political party is on "my side". In any other major democracy on Earth, the vast majority of US Democrats and Republicans would be in the *SAME* party: the center-right Corporate Interests party. About the only major US politician who I see on 'my side' is Senator Bernie Sanders (Ind-VT).
  • I am not associated with any politicial party, doing so is prostituting one's soul. This is regardless of how many times I've been called "Liberal" by the Right Wing nutjobs who are under the impression that being anything that they're not is a bad thing...he he I don't let anybody tell me what to think. I research and study all the issues for myself and both sides of the arguments so that know where to stand. I refuse to watch TV or listen to talking heads on the radio (unless it's NPR which is not as biased as the rest of the corporate-owned media) and I rarely if ever, read newspapers. I go outside the box and get my news and information from the Internet. You'll be surprised how much you can learn just from reading people's comments on a blog. Now, does that answer your question? Probably not...he he...but it is what it is.
  • I'm my own man and not a party hack for either party. I hate the bumper-sticker campaign rhetoric. I understand that it's often necessary, but that makes ot no more palatable.
  • I believe in the courage of your convictions, but that's impossible to achieve if you blindly follow something. It's why I can't stand being called "politically correct". Usually I am, but darn it, PC isn't some coat I just bought and put on one day: I hashed out the issues involved one at a time, the hard way, and came by my beliefs through much deliberation. So I take things issue by issue and hope, in any given election, more of those issues fall clearly on one side.
  • blindly following dogma of ANY kind (political, religious, philosophical, scientific, et cetera) is a recipe for disaster. question everything.
  • It's all a joke to me. I don't have a say in this so called Democracy. I love the "Dumbspeak" and "Spin" that they use on both sides. Gives the comedians fodder. Mrs Palin keeps me laughing on her own. We had one retarded president. We'll probably get another one. You Betcha wink wink. As I laugh my way to WWIII

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