• "Dreams" do not always come true, no matter how much we wish them to, or even how hard we work for them. There is always the "random" factor. Things happen which are beyond our control. We are not to be judged by whether or not our dreams come true, but how we deal with the hand life deals us. Learned in middle age, I guess. That is usually when your favorite dreams have either come true or not...
  • That you can't expect love when you are not prepared to settle down. Age, about early thirties.
  • "Trust" that even though you have place your trust in someone, it can be broken and never regained. 51 I know, kinda late in life but I have always tryed to place my trust careful and this time it came back to bite me badly.
  • My hardest lesson learned is: No matter how much you love someone, they don't just automatically love you in return.

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