• It is in fact possible, however very rare and extremely unlikely. It would most likely be caused by a duplication at the level of the stem cells which bud and grow into teeth. It is possible for such a situation to be hereditary due to a genetic change (mutation). In the old days before modern dentistry it would most likely have been adaptive due to providing functional teeth for a longer period of life, thus extending the span of individual fertility.
  • thanks for answering. I have to amend the question though...he thinks he may actually have between 10 and 12 (a couple of extras near the ear)
  • I think your friend is confusing his molars with wisdom teeth. His jaw would have to be massive to fit all the normal teeth (molars, incisors etc) as well as 10-12 wisdom teeth.
  • Yes, it is entirely possible and not THAT rare. I have 8 wisdom teeth, my husband had (they've been pulleed) 8 wisdoom teeth too. Mine are being pulled next month. They are literally stacked on top of each other and very close to the sinuses and nerves. 6 are impacted. Trust me, I had the entire dentist's office coming in my room to see the x-rays of the "freak" with 8 wisdom teeth.
  • Yes in some cases it is possible.

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