• It is certainly a good clue yes. People can be angry for other reasons also, but if your boundaries have been crossed, anger is certainly one of several feelings you could have.
  • I never thought about it like that before but that is a great way to put it. Yes I completely agree. ***Edit*** Just had a thought if you are angry with yourself does that in turn me you have crossed your personal boundries?
  • No. Anger is something that we have a choice with. We don't have to get angry at all, we are just programmed to by past behaviour, and we can choose not to be.
  • I think anger is what happens when we expected a different outcome than the one that actually happenend.
  • I think I see your perspective. There are several types of boundaries. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritutual. Sometimes, people we thought we could trust walk over those boundaries. We feel anger because we feel like we are not taking care of ourselves. The reality is some people are just not healthy to be around.
  • you cant control anger, people. if you're angry then your angry theres nuthin u can do . . . got any tips 2 control anger??
  • There is nothing wrong with anger when something is wrong. In fact we need to be more angry at the injustices in the world. Anger and aggression are 2 different things! Anger does not have to go hand in hand with violence but to act rightly at such a time is both powerful and important!!
  • yes i agree 100%

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