• Yep, my sister has aspergers (a type of autism).
  • For the 300 or so years we've traced our family back, all of us have had something. My Norse blood has notorious track record for getting Paget's disease, the Middle Eastern vein brought schizophrenia into the family, the Native American vein brought hereditary alcoholism into the family, and the British vein brought with it bipolar disorder, multiple identity disorder, hereditary depression, and autism, specifically Asperger's. I'm showing signs of chronic alcoholism, schizophrenia, Aspergers, depression and manic depression. So yes, we have a long and intricate romance with the darker side of the mind.
  • yep.I've got major depression.
  • Since I was 14 I have been with problems,depression,hyperactivity,then finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder about 15 years ago(finally,it was a tough road.)
  • Just me out of all those people. I guess I should be honored by that fact.
  • No, luckily..good question hun! +5
  • Yep, I am.
  • Yes, I have depression/anxiety - my grandfather on my moms side was said to have Bi-Polar disorder
  • Yes, I have a couple mentally challenged people in my family
  • Depending on how you care to define I would say everyone in the world, except maybe for me -I passed the problem stage years ago. +5
  • CT we all suffer with mental health proplems throughout our lives for some they need to be medicated. My mother had a break down when I was about nine she was going through a divorce with my father, whilst bringing up four of us it was when interest rates was at its highest. She is living a average life now.
  • my gma is bipoloar and diabetic. watch out! when her blood sugar is low :s
  • Yes, most of us.
  • I never thought so, but I did have a few vote for Obama in the last election so I will have to monitor them much closer now since they couldn't be of right mind and do such a thing. In all seriousness, no, my family has no history of mental illnesses on record.
  • i use to have a problem with depression, i know my mom does. i don't know about anyone else in the family.
  • I tried to kill myself several years ago and I still struggle with that depression some times. As far as being in treatment I haven't been since I recovered from the suicide attempt. So I guess you can say I did at one time.
  • I have family members who have dealt with them. +5
  • Yes; for years I was diagnosed with Manic and Clinical Depression ... However; I seem to handle it well with no serious problems ... +5
  • Yes i deal with chronic depression.
  • Nope...nobody in my entire family has ever had mentla health problems, in any form...nor have they ever taken medication for anything of any kind. Including my parents, all grandparents...cousins, aunts, uncles...great uncles... ...But we all deal with things correctly. We have family to fall back on in hard times... Trust is not an issue with anybody in the entire family. There is no arguments, no abuse, nothing... We are all just a big happy family, that is very helpful...loving, kinda and generous. Theres no reason for anything... Weve had deaths in the family, younge and old...but its all about our perspectives. Weve had abusive relationships from outside of the family...and drug use come into it, and its all delt with in a patient and understanding matter. I think mental health involves alot of where you are coming from, child hood experiences...and so on. ...that is why we need to make sure we are all in tip top shape...we all know how to love, we treat our family and our children right... and base our lives on more than just ourselves, but on the family.
  • I was diagnosed with depression for like 6 months after my Dad died. But I pulled out of it.
  • I suffered with clinical depression for many years, due to several traumas in my childhood.

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