• Sure. I eat cows, rabbits, fish etc...
  • I'm on the fence about this, but I would probably be in a totally different mindset if I had cancer and would be scrounging up puppies left and right.
  • i would absolutely SLAUGHTER puppies if that were the case
  • Dogs are eaten in other parts of the world, so it's not as if it's an absolute no no. Sure, I would feel kind of guilty, but I value human life way over dogs. Hehe, I would love it if this were the case just to see PETA freak.
  • Only along with plenty o' ultra-humane puppy blood banks, serving bisquits after a donation? ;-)
  • Your question has a neat context. I'm neurologist and on average I see around five new cases of possible cancers every week. Any way of being able to cure cancer in my opinion, would be worth it, for years animals have been used and abused in the testing of drugs and cosmetics. Using them for finding possible life saving drugs I can live with because the end justifies the means. But using them to develop new ways for women to look nice to me is a complete waste of life. A few years ago some activists broke into a animal testing place near to where I lived and released about sixty dogs. The police were hell bent on finding them so they could go to prison. The activists spent seven days with me, including the dogs, my pet spaniel loved it!
  • a pint of blood is not much... it does mean the dogs have to die (though for a puppy that might be a lot)... blood regenerates, so it's not such a big deal... so sure, i will support the cure 100%
  • Only if they are not killed for it
  • of course!
  • Well heres an idea... How about they take just enough from each puppy so that they dont die and they have homes to take care of said puppies? That way the puppies are being treated humanely and cancer is being cured, win win situation.
  • Yes, we can do puppy blood drives, just like they do with people.
  • ive had chemo and survived but if it was for the greater good than yes
  • I would support something like this quite wholeheartedly but i would not like to see it run rampant, if it required that the puppy only donate a small amount of blood and still be okay, then i think it could be an okay idea. The only problem is with the amount of cancer in the world you would have to have farms or puppies just bred for the whole purpose of giving blood for this treatment, this i think is cruel. I think that i science needs puppy blood for the cure then science needs to think again... but this is a hypothetical question. :P If it killed the puppies when they gave blood i would only support it in special cases, for example when small children get life threatening cancer, i wouldnt want to see lives being wasted for those people who have already had a long life.. So yeah, good food for thought :)
  • I have known a few with different cancer, I love dogs very much. I to have had a form of cancer so yes I would support this.. (think of the documentary Farrah did, look at all the pain for so many years..)
  • Of course. We can do anything for science!
  • yes, but not by pulling puppies from the street if they were breed just for the cure then yes
  • Of course and i love dogs!
  • I'm thinking the puppies put down every day anyway might have plenty to spare.
  • Of course. Why not?
  • As long as it doesnt kill the puppy....
  • I have nothing to do with the use of animal or human blood so the answer would be. no.
  • Why yes I would
  • Since both my parents and a few friends have died thanks to cancer, yes.

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