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  • He sounds like a guy who can use some tough love. Maybe he'll get some of that in jail, but you could get him started.
  • Clearly, this guy is using you. Don't give him money. You might want to help him get a job, though.
  • no. let him face his troubles on his own. It sucks, but if he hit the baby mam, he may come after you. Men like this need to face what ever comes to him.
  • It sounds like jail will do him good. Also sounds like you could lend him the $300, provided he has something to secure the loan (ie: car or jewelry). I would charge him 18% annual interest on the $300, though. Roughly about $4.50/month.
  • Don't do it, or we'll wind up seeing you on Court Tv trying to recoup your losses from a loser.
  • Hell no you don't lend him anything. You already know the answer, that's why you asked the question. He won't pay you back, and do you really have it?
  • My word, where to start with this one ... Ex-FWB; unemployed; failure to pay child support to another woman; facing assault charges; already owes you money ... and you're considering a new line of credit. Was the sex really THAT good? Or do you really have SO much money that you throw it at every lost cause you see? He needs to get some discipline, anger management, reliability and commitment issues of his own resolved, and your lending him money really won't help that. You're actually in his way now, whether you realize it or not, by enabling him to continue these destructive behaviors. And if you stay on this road, then you'll be going down it with him, in every meaning of that term.
  • ''Never a borrower nor a lender be.'' I can't remember who said that, but it's wise enough for me.

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