• Healthy weight and athletic.
  • i need some curves.... skinny is not sexy
  • Skinny enough so I can hear there bones crack when I stick it in soft and then you know
  • I cant stand women that are too skinny. I prefer more of an athletic build.
  • Too skinny are ugly, skinny women remind me of Holocaust victims or African kids and that's just a sad sight. I don't have much respect for women who try to have a model look and because of that they harm themselves.
  • Healthy not skinny.
  • It is nice if you have a "trophy babe" for a wife. But, let's get real. It is the rest of the woman you have to live with. Not just how she looks, today. So, if you can't stand your lady with a few extra pounds, saddle bags, droopy boobs, or wrinkles, stretch marks, etc. Then, you have got a problem! Now, it is nice to have a skinny wife, but our culture has become obsessed with this "ideal woman" and many have suffered from it!
  • This pretty much sums it up for me: Curvy Girls (By The Jolly Rogers): I‘ve traveled all over and one thing I have found Skinny girls have nothing to wrap your arms around I‘ve been to every corner of this great big world And found there’s nothing better than a curvy, curvy girl Chorus: Nothing can compare with the natural curves I love. Even when I’m sleeping it’s curvy girls I dream of Curvy girls are lovely curvy girls are great Curvy girls make me want to master…my own fate So if you are out there looking listen to these tips Find an ample bosom and some child bearing hips An hour glass figure with all the curves just right That’s the best thing in the world to keep you warm at night. Chorus I know those waifish models are what they say are hot But what I am looking for those girls they just ain’t got I’ll stick with these curvy girls that give me so much joy And you can keep the models that look like pre-teen boys. Chorus More than a handful’s wasted well I say that’s just bull For I have two good hands and they should both be full If you want my attention well here’s a sure bet All you need to do is flash me your curvy silhouette Chorus x2
  • Umm, just as long as I can put my arms around her waist.
  • Scarlett Johansson is just about perfect. Anything -10% to +25% of her is great. Once you get outside that range, you are talking about anorexia or obesity, and that starts to get unattractive . . .
  • I don't want to f*ck a pillowcase full of wire coat-hangers.
  • I don't dig skinny women, sorry.
  • i don't care as long shes a good person besides skinny women bother the hell out of me.
  • As long as she has a curve from her waist to her hip, decent breast size, and a sexy cute ass (doesn't have to be big, just sexy) I do like a women with a skinny or petite physique. It brings out the 'model' look and that's sexy. It also makes me feel more masculine when I'm standing next to her and I LOVE that.
  • well, i find all women attracive. its about point of view. i dont find one artists work the best. i like many diffrent types of art. same for women. you have to look at not just the woman but the details that are hidden. there is no greater adventure than getting to know a woman. they are works of beauty. each has there own flaws, perfections, and meanings. i know this is not exactly the answer you are looking for. all i can say is i have dated and loved them all. of course i am married now and she is a size 2 but, i didnt base that on her figure. it was based on her heart and goals in life.
  • I am a skinny girl, but I am healthy. I always dream about becoming a healthy built, so I eat a lot but I am still so skinny!
  • Height >= 5'8" weight between BMI 21 and 28
  • I don't like skinny women on the whole, I prefer slim or curvy women. Curvy in the proper sense, not overweight.
  • Well proportioned, but not like skin and bones showing, then she looks nasty and sickly.
  • k, here's something for you. I'm skinny and there's girls who are jealous of me for that. Why? It's such a pointless thing to be jealous over. There are guys who call me 'twig', 'lanky', and rude things like that. At least one guy has even told me that I'm too skinny and to take no offense to him saying that (maybe not in those words, but basically, that's what he said). I've found that guys tend to prefer curvy girls.
  • Thank you, I won't give up trying.
  • now your been sexist,the lesbians might also wanted to answer this one :)
  • I actually love skinny women. Not anorexic skinny but thin and small.
  • I like a little meat on their bones
  • Skinny enough to not be considered obese, but not so skinny that she has no ass and looks like a twig.
  • I prefer a BMI in the 19 - 24 range.
  • 5-2-2017 If she has to stand up twice to throw a shadow, she is too skinny.

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