• I think it's because women's feet are more narrow than men's feet.
  • Women have a higher ratio of surface to volume then men and thus shed heat faster. Men have more heat - generating muscle mass. Women get colder durning menstruation due to loss of blood and hormonal changes. I believe it has to do with poor circulation also. These are the answers I came up with on the internet.
  • It is actually because womens bodies are designed to direct blood flow towards their belly area for keeping other vital organs warm... ie when growing little people inside them. Men on the other hand can freely distribute blood to their appendages...
  • Cold feet,warm heart
  • Women are colder than men because their metabolism/muscle mass is usually lower, women's hearts beat more rapidly, and women have larger livers, stomachs, and appendices, but smaller lungs. Also weight plays a role in how warm your body is. Human brains have a thermostat center located in the hypothalamus, at the base of the brain where automatic body function and regulation take place. The thyroid gland regulates our body's metabolism. For example, when it is cold outside, the skin registers the change in temperature and stimulates the hypothalamus and thyroid to increase metabolism and create more heat.
  • Obviously you've never met my boyfriend; his feet are always freezing!
  • Women are generally colder than men all the time, up until menopause. Don't know the physiology behind it, but it's a fact.
  • "Ice Man" says it is because women do less work and their hands are constantly idle.

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