• Aside from getting him fixed, there really is no way of making a male cat stop spraying. He's marking his territory, keeping other males away and giving him an upper-hand on any females in the area during mating season.
  • Don't let him inside ;) (This is a joke.)
  • I'd first make sure there is no medical problem - is his urinary track ok, etc. If he is not already, have him neutered, this may help. Make sure he is not stressed out by other cats or pets in the house and make sure his litter box is in a safe and quiet location. There are some sprays you can buy that are supposed to make them not use the bathroom where you spray them, but unless he always goes in the same spot, I've found those to be of limited use. Finally, there are some training methods you can use, such as keeping him in a small room with his litter box for a few days.
  • Male cats spray as a territorial thing. I know my cat before he was fixed would spray whenever we would give him catnip. So it really all depends on your kitty. I would look into getting him fix. Hope this helped a little.
  • There is no surefire way to keep an un-neutered male cat from spraying in the house. They always do it. The best way is to get him neutered.
  • It ought to be several more weeks, at least, before your kitten is old enough to want to spray. At the first sign of spraying, or at about 4 1/2-5 months, whichever comes first, you should speak to your vet about getting the kitten neutered. If you neuter the kitten before he starts to spray he should never develop the habit.
  • Leave it outside
  • I did hear a tip about following him around with a water pistol and squirting him when he starts spraying. Gives him a fright and if you keep it up he'll get the message.
  • Clean all sprayed surfaces thouroughly with 2 separate detergents. 1 that is good for fatty "dirt" and 1 that tackles protein. By thouroughly I mean dry the urine off, dilute it by with rinsing with water, dry off again, than use both detergents seperately while rinsing and drying in between. Cats won't spray where they eat, drink sleep or play. You can help him mark his territory by taking little bits of cottonwool rubbing it over the corner of his mouth (there is a scentgland there also used for marking) and hanging them in the problem areas at spraying height. Neutering alone doesn't help if he can still smell where he has sprayed.
  • Put a diaper on him.

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