• The Megalodon or Megatooth shark (Carcharodon megalodon (from ancient Greek, mega + odon, lit. "big tooth") was a giant shark that lived between 5 million and 1.6 million years ago. The Megalodon is known only from fossil teeth, which are in some ways similar to great white shark teeth; recent studies suggest Megalodon was a "close relative" of the great white. Some estimates of this creature's size range up to 50 feet (about 16 metres). Previous much larger reconstructions of the shark's size have are generally considered inaccurate. Some recent reports of large shark-like creatures--including a sighting by writer Zane Grey, who was an avid fisherman--have been interpreted as surviving Megalodons, but such reports are generally considered misidentification of whale sharks or other large creatures. Megalodon teeth have been discovered that some argue date as recently as 10,000 to 15,000 years ago, perhaps making the species' extinction a recent event, and making it more conceivable that Megalodon might yet survive in the deep ocean.
  • The only REAL answer to this would be if you found a white Megalodon tooth, as oppose to the thousands of years old one, the "brown" or decayed tooth. White tooth = the shark has recently lost it, and is somewhere in the ocean lurking about.
  • Considering the depths of the ocean man has never explored, I believe it could be possible but not highly probable. Ancient marine life is discovered frequently.
  • Nothing would suprise me. There is so much of the ocean we haven't investigated because of the depths. Also, think about all the global warming? What could still be living down in the depths? Also, if we keep destroying our planet what might rise up from the depths. Honestly, anything can happen and I wouldn't be suprised if there was a meg in our ocean.
  • I've always wondered if it just like a large mouth bass, a shark with a really big mouth. If it just has a huge mouth maybe it is still around and not as large as thought.
  • I would sincerely love it if a huge denizen of the deep did surface somewhere? However paradoxically I do worry that if a Megalodon did show up, we wouldn't think twice about "removing" the threat for once and for all, out of fear and ignorance. So having said that it would be better off avoiding us like the plague at all costs.
  • it sounds like it doesn't exist, but i would love to see it if it actually does. on tv of course lol!
  • Of course it is possible. They say we have explored less than 3% of the oceans on earth. There is a lot of space out there hiding lots of things. A megladon might be one of those things!
  • Ya, it's possible. As we don't fully know what lives in our seas. :)
  • I think it's entirely plausible that a megalodon still exists. There are still tons and tons of regions of the worlds oceans that we haven't fully explored. Heck, we thought the giant squid was a myth until a few years ago.
  • It's entirely possible, especially with science's history of events similar to this. Creatures like the gorilla, giant panda, and coelocanth were all thought to be extinct or mythological until the early-to-mid 20th century. And of course the fact that scientists know more about the dark side of the moon than they do the deep parts of the ocean doesn't hurt, either.
  • Their could be anything down there :)
  • This sounds like the beginnings of a great screenplay.
  • It is actually possible that the entire earth fits into a bubble coming out of the ass of a supergigantic megalodon. Anything is possible.
  • It would be awsome from far away of couse
  • It is definitely possible. There are some who think that the megalodon may have been driven to the deep waters when one of their largest sources of food, whales, became scarce. The megalodons could thrive near the warmer waters of deep vents. Enough food to support a population is a question but we know that many whales can dive incredibly deep and we know that things as large (or larger) as the giant squid live in the same depths.
  • Seems unlikely given the biological similarities (as far as we are aware) between them and the Great Whites we know and love today that appear to have slotted into the Megalodon's food chain slot. Also the location and state of Megalodon fossils is not consistent with a very deep dwelling species, (so the idea that they hang out too deep for us to be aware of them is probably unfounded). Lastly, the huge beasts Megalodon would have preyed upon (thus necessitating them to be sdo big themselves), are long gone so no need for Megalodon to be so big now, ergo Great Whites are what we have IN THEIR PLACE. . That said, who knows ....
  • We have only observed aroun 5%-10% of the deep if even that. There could be anything down there. So yeah i do think a very small nuber could still exist down there.
  • Would this particular one be ancient, or just the last of it's species?
  • The Megalodon has died million of years ago for several reasons. First, the Ice Age cooled off the temperature of both land and water so much that numerous species died from it, even the dinosaurs. Secondly, since numerous species died, the menu of this creature became limited, which affected its survival. Marine fauna was also affected by the change of temperature of the water, causing famine for herbivores that also happened to be part of the Megalodon's food chain. Is it even possible for the Megalodon to swim in today's waters? I would say: "No!”
  • Most likely not, but it would be rather cool. +5

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